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Bed rest is over and I feel renewed. AND I am choosing to spend most of today in a "jammmies" state of mind. Simply moodling and contemplating my intention to be "unbound" as I continue to move forward in my life. I am clear on my desire to find new ways to move through my business. Intent on finding someone who will value the day - to - day experience of running a business. Someone who will see value in what I have created thus far and will continue, in their own way to make it their own as I begin creating from a new platform.

The idea of lowest common denominator continues to ring in my head. There are so many ways that I have continued to engage this strategy in my life. Always trying to "fit in". It is still present in the background of my conversations. 'Who am I to walk away from my business and do what I love? Write, write, write. Other people have to work at things that they don't like. Who am I to invest myself fully in doing what I want?"

The real question has now become, "Who is it possible for me to become if I do leave behind those things in order to write, write, write?"

This weekend was a powerful one for me. We decided to go to the cottage for the weekend. As I walked with my darling "boys" (my husband, my son and our family pet... Yep, I am out-numbered 3 to 1!) across the frozen lake, I could feel my whole body begin to dissolve. It was like I had no boundaries ... my skin was permeable and I was free to blow along with the wind. I was still fully present to our jokes and light conversation but a part of me was one with the wind. When we arrived back at the cottage, I felt very unfamiliar in my body, somehow compressed back into it in order to occupy the space and time that was our little cabin. Then, last night, as I entered my bath time ritual (I refer to it as the "Alchemical Bath" candles/fire, crystals/earth, water, and scent/air) I was fully transported by my breath. My arms felt the now familiar static sensation. They ceased to be my arms and I could not control them if I wanted to. My mouth and throat felt an incredible buzzing. It is the same echo of vibration that stays with your lips after playing a brass instrument for a long time.

After such incredible experiences I continue to realize how much I have been fooled into believing I am small. I get so caught in my own web of illusion ... even minutes after a transcendent experience, conditioned ways of moving through this world make their presence known.

Since we are all one. Each of us a fractal, reflecting back to one another our shared experience of moving through this flesh and blood existence, let me share the only thought that penetrated my awareness during the events of yesterday ... DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE.

We may fall asleep or simply have the fog of sleepiness blanket us from time to time, so powerful is the illusion of own creations, AND we all know who we are and how powerful our moments of choice can be. The wonder of it is that we can always choose again and again. We cannot get it 'wrong' ... we can only find in each moment ways to explore our god-ness.

To each of you, I stand in admiration of WHO you are as fractals of a magnificent whole.


Original Copyright 2005 Anita Allen
Anita Allen, BScPT, CODE Model Coach™ is a Registered Physiotherapist, a WEL-Systems Catalyst, the owner of Albion Hills Physiotherapy and the founder of the WELsprings Institute in the Greater Toronto Area. An entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and creator of Exponential Potential™, Anita is passionate about educating the world about human potential.

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