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Eva's article is about her shift in context and the lens through which she now views
her experience with Multiple Sclerosis.

We had done the feather thing and the instructor asked, "What do you suppose was the reason your body decided to get your attention with multiple sclerosis?" "Because I had no identity," I heard a voice say - it was me! My voice carried the answer from cell memory.

The confusion over who I was supposed to be, flooded to conscious mind. My parents, relatives, teachers, husband - all told me how I should behave. I thought I had to believe, and do, what they said.

At sixteen I had lost my sight. Even just three days into practitioner training, I made the connection between my loss of sight, and not "seeing," who I could be.

When diagnosed with MS, I was the mother of two little girls, working full time to support my husband in college. The disease manifested as paralysis on the right side, and total loss of feeling on the left. I didn't even know where my left side was. I was indeed carrying the whole male load, and depriving myself of feminine feelings. Doctors all had their expectations. My intuition helped me to disagree with the very negative prognosis.

Now I can answer the question, "What made you disagree with the experts?" My best answer was always, "I don't know; it just didn't seem right." Now I know that my body was reminding me of my recovery from all the strange symptoms that had plagued me intermittently since childhood. My body knew these were earlier signs of self healing, and told me I could heal again. I'm so glad I listened.

After I recovered I spent every lunch in the medical library, certain that research offered something positive. By chance, the very first paper I found was Remyelination in multiple sclerosis. Now I know that my own positive intention directed me to this important work, and many more.

With my ex-husband's reaction, I "knew" that I would soon be responsible for myself and my girls. That's when I started on the rocky road of being honest with myself. I began to get acquainted with My Self.

I could always see myself dancing in my black patent shoes. Now I understand that in this way I expressed the intention to be well, and raise my girls. Obstacles fell away as I raised my girls to maturity.

After the divorce, I expressed my intention to return to university and saw myself in cap and gown. A bursary appeared, and mentors in neuroscience. I graduated and continued to grow with the certainty that I was on the right path. The new Real Me crossed the path of a Real GentleMan and we became life partners.

During the WEL-Systems:NLP course, my husband asked what I had learned in school each day. After I described the material covered, he would say "But you know all that stuff!" "Yes! But I didn't know I knew it! And I didn't know how to use it!"

My experience with WEL-Systems has helped me to understand the messages my body gives me. I see myself and the world around me with greater awareness. The air vibrates. I understand how my environment shaped me, and how I can reprogram the elements that are no longer useful. I relate more constructively to the people around me. The study of WEL-Systems:NLP points me to the world around me with confidence. I trust the power of my resources to keep me well in mind, body, and spirit.

Eva Marsh


Eva Marsh, a scientist with a B.Sc. in Physics and a Master's in Electrical Engineering, became a WEL-Systems:NLP Practitioner in October 2003. She is author of "Black Patent Shoes", an account of her journey to wellness. Eva Marsh is also an inspirational speaker who also offers recovery strategy workshops. She can be reached via

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