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I have recently noticed the number of messages that I receive through different mediums, TV, email, conversations with friends, family and peers that are about being on the alert. The topic can vary from being on the alert to environmental changes, to being on the alert to new ways of being a victim to fraud, to being on the alert to new computer viruses, to being on the alert to what we eat, to being on the alert to what material we use to build our playgrounds, to being on the alert to stock market crashes, need I continue. It is not so much that any one of these warnings isn’t founded in some fact but more so a question of what are we paying the most attention to as we engage our lives. This notion of perpetuating the fear has brought to light for me the extent to which I grew up in a very “Be Careful” context (or in my case “Fais Attention”) and I have chosen to become curious about the extent to which living from the context of Being Careful may have affected my worldview, my sense of resourcefulness and consequently, my life.

I have been blessed with a belief that life is not just about: GETTING BY; SURVIVING; or WAITING FOR WHEN. Somewhere, deep inside, I know that every day is a gift and to accept that gift graciously is to live it fully. What does that look like for me? It looks like days that I can’t wait to live; People that I can’t wait to be with; Conversations that I can’t wait to engage in; Ideas that I can’t wait to manifest; Possibilities that I can’t wait to explore. It looks like being awake to my experiences whether I experience them as invigorating, fun, frustrating or deadening to my spirit with a willingness to use that information to influence my choices and become more.

As I engage my life from that place and with that intention, I notice that I have not always done so. I notice that there were times in my life when I would rather be semi-conscious than awake. I notice that there were times when I didn’t want to talk to anyone let alone be excited about it. I notice that I was angry and frustrated, confused and overwhelmed, out of ideas and exhausted. And it was this innate desire not to want to settle, this innate intelligence that there was more available that urged me on. And, as I have learned, energy flows where attention goes. What then appeared on my holodeck was The WEL-Systems Institute (at the time Partners in Renewal). Through there many programs, including Igniting The Self™ (featured in article below) I discovered that how I was feeling was very much a reflection of the choices that I was making. What I became aware of were my safety nets – degrees and certificates, well-paying secure jobs, strong and successful men, those choices that I made within the context of “Being Careful” because they were keeping me safe but certainly not because they were making me feel fully alive. And I ponder how in the context of being careful, I chose to keep myself small ignoring the “beep” that I am in the world and keeping myself safe and secure in the things that I knew worked for sure. And I wondered how being careful was actually killing me or at least my spirit. And I said no more – what am I waiting for to live?

So what do your safety nets look like? Do you engage work, play, emotions, money, relationships, self-expression from a context of “Being Careful”. Are you happy with the results? Has work become a way of paying the bills and waiting for retirement? Have relationships become a way of not being alone? Has being alone become a way of avoiding feeling? Has silencing yourself become a way of keeping the peace? Has what you say become a way of being accepted? Has judging your emotions as inappropriate or unacceptable become a way of conserving the familiar?

How can you manage to “live” that way? Easy, you choose to fall asleep to the experience of your life. But then how alive are you really? Is it any wonder that many of us cannot bring our breath beyond our chest? Think of it, keep your breath (air/oxygen) away from your Power Chakra (middle part of the body the element of which is Fire) and the fire burns out. It is no secret that the rate of depression and burnout is soaring. I find that word BURNOUT fascinating when I think of it in the context of the Power Chakra, the energy vortex whose element is FIRE, the element of transformation, the element that gets us into action, not so that we can tick off one more thing off our Things To Do List but gets us into action in ways that will transform our experience of life and bring us closer to who we are capable of becoming. So, you may want to ask yourself, how important is it to burn-out that fire by falling asleep to your experiences of life in order to be able to endure your life, silence yourself and stay in your places of safety. And, more importantly, what are the consequences to your health, to your relationships, to the quality of your life and to your spirit.

If you are ready to re-ignite your Fire, if you feel the sense of urgency that you have more to do and say in this experience of life and that you are tired, no exhausted of burning out the fire, if while you were reading this article, you knew that it was written just for you, I invite you not to wait any longer. Contact me to discuss my personal coaching services or to find out more about the upcoming Igniting The Self programs delivered by The WEL-Systems Institute in Ottawa and Montreal. This is your invitation to start roasting those marshmallows.


Jackie Zirpdji, CODE Model Coach™, facilitator and educator is the founder of Transformations+, a WEL-Systems based business. Jackie is passionate about life and human potential and this makes her invitation to others to consider what is possible for them very authentic.

She combines her talent for asking great questions with her talent for being present to the unfolding of the answers to create life-altering experiences for all those that she works with as coaching clients or program participants.

For more, browse the online Store for ways to accelerate your own awakening.

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