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Linda Walker writes:
"I was born and raised in Nova Scotia on my Grandfather's farm. Like many Nova Scotians I had to move away to find a job. My current interests are geared to learning more about myself. Reiki, genealogy and the WEL-Systems Institute are helping me find the answers."

The airplane dipped, bounced, shuddered and rocked back and forth over the air currents. It felt like I was on a roller coaster with no tracks. Thoughts about that doomed Swiss Air flight flitted through my mind. I took a deep breath and said to myself that landings at Halifax International were usually bumpy on approach. All I could see out the window was an ethereal mist. The pilot was doing an instrument landing. I kept looking for the ground and saw it just an instant before the wheels hit the tarmac.

I could hear a collective sigh of relief from the passengers, myself included, that we were finally on solid ground. The usual shuffle and bustle occurred and the airplane was exited. I went to the car rental counter and picked up the keys to my transportation for the next forty-eight hours. It was raining so hard I felt like I hit a wall of water as I exited the airport. It was blowing so hard I had to push myself through the wind to the car park. It was a glorious Nova Scotia day.

It was November 5th, 2004. A number of events had led me to Nova Scotia on that date. My journey really began a little over a year ago. My journey was to rediscover myself and become the person I knew I could be. It all started when I met Marlyn who was to become my Reiki coach. After having a few Reiki treatments for my various ailments, I decided that I wanted to become part of the energy myself. I took the first two levels of Reiki and people noticed the changes in me.

One weekend I attended a gathering led by Sequoyah Trueblood called “The Circle of Remembering”. On the Saturday there was an introduction to the "Breath of Life". We did a breathing exercise for about 10 minutes. During the exercise I found myself on another journey. I was crossing the prairies. I got as far as the Alberta - BC border when the exercise stopped. I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish my journey. Graham was asked to relate his experiences of his "Dream Quest" to the gathering. After that I got to talk to Graham who said he had taken a WEL-Systems course. He believed that the course had laid the groundwork for his successful "Dream Quest". I had come across the WEL-Systems website before and I decided to check it out again. I discovered the invitation page to a Huna retreat in Nova Scotia. Ouch, I thought it was too expensive. I waffled for a few weeks and then decided to call for more information. Louise answered the phone and was explaining the program when I suddenly realized that my intuition had led me to this point. I have discovered that my intuition is very subtle and I often miss the signals. I interrupted Louise in mid-sentence and said “Sign me up”.

So, there I was driving home to attend my step aunt's graveside service in the blowing wind and rain. I would not have gone to the service if I hadn't been already booked to go to Nova Scotia that day. I arrived home with enough time to grab a sandwich and give my mother, my mother-in-law and my other aunt hugs before we dashed off to the cemetery. The sky cleared and the sun came out but the wind was still flexing its muscles. Coats were flapping and everyone was holding onto their hats while the minister gave the graveside ceremony. After the service I was able to give comforting hugs to my step aunt's three daughters and son. No one wanted to hang around in the wind so everyone got into their cars and left. I got in my car and set out for the retreat. I had told Louise that I would probably be an hour late.

When I got there everyone else was seated in a circle around the room. I walked in and Louise met me in the middle of the room and stated "You must be Linda. We weren't expecting you for some time." She gave me a big hug and said "Aloha. Welcome." The only vacant chair was next to Louise and I sat down there. I hadn't realized it at the time but I already felt like a part of the family.

The afternoon proceeded with the general introduction to what would be transpiring during the weekend. We were asked to introduce ourselves and tell the others why we were there. When one of the other ladies said that she felt that she was stuck and wasn't making any progress, I decided that I should go next. I told the group that there were a couple of things that prompted me to sign up for the weekend. I said that I had started on my journey about a year ago and that I was feeling a little stuck myself. I told about the Sequoyah weekend and my experience with the breathing technique demonstrated there. I then stated that I was there for the breathing techniques.

It was then time to break for dinner. Meal breaks were always about 2 hours long. We were asked to use the extra time to revel in the elements and start listening to what our bodies were telling us. One of the participants, Gwen, used these breaks to paint a picture. These pictures became a journal of her weekend experiences.

After every break the candles representing the higher self and the four elements were re-lighted. Gwen would prepare a sweet grass (and something else) smudge and offer it to everyone in the room. A chant was played and we were asked to pay attention to where we felt the chant in our bodies. I felt it in my heart and in the back of my head. It was almost a headache and persisted for a while. Louise welcomed us back into the room with her standard greeting. "Aloha. Welcome back. How are you?". This was the invitation for the members of the group to share their experiences if they wanted. Some people talked about their experience with the chant.

We were then invited to place the personal items that we had been encouraged to bring with us on a table that had sand, candles, and shells from the beach outside. These items would remain on the table in the room and absorb the weekend experiences. They would remind us of our experiences after we went home. It was OK for someone to take their item away or hold it for awhile but it was to remain on the table while we were in the room.

Next, we were introduced to the 3 different breaths, the ha breath which would be used in the ritual of connecting with the higher self, the air breath and the fire breath. We then practised ha breathing. While we were practising Louise asked our permission for her to give us a symbol. She lead the ha breathing exercise and went around the room giving us each a symbol just between the shoulder blades. We were asked if we wanted to share what we felt during the breathing exercise. I talked about the fluttering in the right side of my chest, the tingling in my hands and the white light I saw. We sat around for a while longer while Louise explained a little more about the ceremony that would take place the following evening. It was the time to end the day's activities.

Much to my annoyance, the Inn did not have room for me that night. I went off to my niece's home for the night and breakfast the following morning. I hadn't seen my niece for many years but when I had called to ask if I could stay with them she was delighted to have me come and visit. The drive to her home was an adventure in itself. I was in unfamiliar territory with instructions given over the phone for an approach from the opposite direction and it was dark. I had convinced myself that I had gone too far and was looking for a place on this narrow winding road to turn around. A van had just come out of a side road and was stopped waiting for me to go by. Instead I stopped. I don't know why. The van pulled out and I was able to read the road sign. It was the road I was looking for. We had breakfast the next morning. I got to hug my two year old grand nephew and hold my six week old grand niece. We parted with hugs. I was happy to be able to start bringing my niece back into the family. This would not have happened if I had been able to get a room at the Inn with the others.

Saturday dawned sunny but still very windy. The session started with the chant. This time I felt it in the temples on both sides of my head. Louise greeted us. She talked about how the Hawaiians lived the huna principles and that everyone was family. I can't remember the question of the session but people were relating their experiences. I was about to start talking when the person next to me starting talking about the difference between family and home. She discovered that the self is really home. That revelation resounded strongly with me. She had cleared up some issues for me. After someone spoke about their experiences, Louise would take it into the WEL-systems model or the huna realm or the healing aspect and integrate the experience into the whole picture. There were many instances of teary eyes during the weekend as other people's experiences resonated with our own. I talked next about how the weekend events were falling into place after I stopped resisting the obstacles that I felt were getting in my way (no room at the inn etc.). I was able to attend my aunt's interment which was something that I wouldn't have done if I hadn't been signed up for the retreat. I was able to get to the retreat on time when I thought I would be late. I was able to stay with my niece and start a healing process within my family.

The afternoon session started with the chant (still in my temples) and Louise's welcome. As we continued in preparation for the Higher Self Connection that evening, she explained the concept of the three selves and their correlation to the WEL-Systems perspective. The purpose of the ceremony of connecting to the higher self was to integrate the three selves and bring them into alignment.

We broke for dinner with the advice to fast or eat lightly. The less we ate the more intense the higher self connection experience would be. I ate the salmon and the asparagus and wrapped the pear for later. I went to my room and called my husband to let him know that the flight back was going to be a little earlier than anticipated.

We all gradually assembled and milled about waiting for the ceremony to take place. When Louise started to prepare the room for the ceremony I felt the symbol on my back start to heat up. I knew then that I was going to have an energy experience of some kind. I called in Reiki to help me get the most out of the experience. The door to the room opened and we filed in one by one.

As we entered we were Aloha welcomed by Louise and given a hug. She then asked a simple question: Is it ok for you to have an undeniable experience of the Higher Self Connection. I responded ‘yes’, with a sense of comfort and an edge of anticipation. She said to me that she would take care of me.

As the chant played in the background, we all took our places standing behind our chairs (something to hang onto if we got dizzy). The energy in the room was building. Louise started the ceremony. We started our Ha breathing (this opens the space for the energy). Louise was Ha breathing and chanting the higher self connection chant and also the chant to facilitate the collective higher self connection. It seemed that everyone but me was really into the rhythm of the Ha breathing. The exhaled breath is very noisy and as I was not in "tune" with the others I was finding it hard to concentrate. Then I sort of remembered my Reiki energy connection. I said so what if I didn't have a big Ha breath. I knew what I had to do. The noise was pushed away and I concentrated on pulling the aka tube up to my crown chakra. It flowed up to my heart chakra very easily. It was a real struggle to get it past the throat chakra (authentic voice, personal expression, etc). I thought I was going to fail. I gave it another push and my head and shoulders felt light.

I must be connected; I thought to myself. I lifted up my arms to see if I could feel my higher self. My hands entered the energy stream and I jerked them out again. It felt like pins and needles flowing at a very high vibration and it was very heavy. I put my hands in again and tried to see what shape it was. There was a ball shape just a little wider than the stream. I held the ball but it was getting very heavy. I told myself to let it go. The whole idea was to let it flow through me. It couldn't crush me because it was me.

I let it go and pulled my hands down to the chair back. My higher self flowed through me. My whole body was pins and needles vibrating at a very high intensity and it was especially heavy on my left side. (As I write about this I feel pins and needles along my left side but pins and needles of a normal intensity.) When I felt able to move without falling over I made my way carefully around my chair and sat down. I think I was the second person to sit down. I wondered if it was happening too fast and I would lose out on something if it didn't continue for a long time. I sat there for awhile just letting the sensations continue.

When the tingling started to subside to a less intense level I started to exercise my ankles and wiggle my toes like you tend to do to get rid of pins and needles when your foot goes to "sleep". When I felt that I could walk I got up and went to my room. When I crawled into bed I could feel my back heating up. I thought to myself "This is going to be a very healing sleep. It would be nice if my left ear got healed.". I relaxed into the heat and went to sleep.

Sunday dawned clear and calm. We assembled in the Great Room for the last time. The starting ritual was played out. When the chant was played every part of my body tingled in response even my toes. Louise greeted us and asked if anyone wanted to share their experiences of the night before. Most of the family members (we thought of ourselves as a family in the huna way) shared their experiences. I started off by relating my experiences with the chant over the three days. I then related the experience of the connection with my higher self. I noted that my response was greater on my left side. The left side is the feminine side. I said that I had turned that off a long time ago and now I was reclaiming it. Louise went on to say how women often turn off their feminine side in order to cope with the corporate world where most of us work nowadays. Then she said that reclaiming is another way of looking at connecting with ourselves because it has always been there but we were unaware of it. She also went on to explain that we didn't need the chanting to achieve the connection as I had demonstrated. The chanting and the ritual just made it easier. The higher self is always there.

It was time for the lunch break. I checked out and put my bags in the car. I walked out on the beach in search of a stone for my Reiki teacher and friend, Marlyn. I saw a stone that I thought she would like. I decided to put the experience of the connection with my higher self into the stone.

The afternoon session started with the usual ritual. I responded to the chant with the whole body tingle again. Louise asked what the weekend had meant to us. We shared our thoughts about the weekend. I said that I was asking myself how this weekend fitted in with my journey. Was it a side trip? Was it a curve in the road? My conclusion was that my road had become wider. I also had 20 more pieces (I meant to say people) to help me with my journey. I had gained a new set of tools to use in life. I thanked everyone for being my family over the weekend. Louise went on to say that we would all be taking a part of everyone's experiences home with us, or words to that effect.

There was some general talk about the weekend. The session was wrapped up with one of the participants doing impressions of how her donkey greeted her and communicated with her. It was hilarious. She did an excellent reproduction of donkey sounds. The session was then completed. I got a goodbye hug from Louise and several other people.

David, Dominique and I began our dash for the airport. We had traffic that was travelling 20 km below the speed limit all the way to the main highway. And again, just to show how things were still falling into place, if Dominique had not been in the car I would have missed the entrance to the highway. It was very confusing. There was a detour sign right at the exit and the pavement was all torn up. I was driving on when Dominique said I think you can still get through. I was just able to turn and get through onto the highway. Without her presence, I may well have missed the turn and my flight home! And yet, we got to the airport; I dropped Dominique off at the check in door and returned the car; and I just got to the check in counter before they closed. The plane took off and once again I said so long to Nova Scotia.


My left ear is still equalizing on its own.
My sinuses cleared up about a week after the weekend.
I am seeing things more clearly and with more purpose.
I feel more in control of my life.

When I gave the stone to Marlyn she said it was vibrating. She held it for awhile then put it in her front pocket. "Oh!", she said, "It's vibrating right through to my back." It now resides on her altar.

Marlyn also said to me. "You're out of the box."

This article was sent to us by Linda Walker after
her first introduction to a WEL-Systems Institute experience - a Huna Retreat.


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