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  pdf 2012: Desperation or Inspiration?
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A   A New Year - A New Beginning
  Addiction: Recovery or Re-Discovery?
  Atlantic Aloha!
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B  Balance: Bogus Bounty?
 Beneath the Bull and Bravado is Brilliance
  Beyond the Veil of Fear
 Big Thoughts for Big Results!
pdfBuilding a Business or Transforming a Life?  
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C  Chakras and the Quantum Biological Human™
 Change: Is the spirit willing when the body resists?
 Changing the Lens ~ Expanding Perspectives
  Coaching - For the Game of Life
 Creating an Act of Power
 Crohn’s "Dis-Ease"
 Curiosity: A Punishable Offence
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D  Deck Chairs on the Titanic
 Definites of Energy, Breath and Information
 Don't Forget Who You Are
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E  Evolution by Intention: New Beginnings for Weary Souls
  Executive Stress: An Inside Job
 Exponential Potential
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F   Finding Ourselves in the Dark
 From Victim to Victorious Voice
 Fully Alive from 9 to 5! Excerpt
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H  Health Beyond Nutrition: A New Perspective
  Holiday Season Survival Kit
 Humour: The Missing Link in the Chain of Command
 Huna: Simplicity and Wisdom for a Busy Life
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I  I Am The Source
 I am Woman - Hear me Whine!
 Icons of the Field!
 ITS - My Story continues
pdfImpeccability and Manifestation
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K pdf Keeping Score
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L  Layers of Discovery
 Letting Go
 Living Large in an Increasingly Smaller World
pdfLiving Life with an Edge
 Logical Levels and the Chakras
pdfLosing Faith in Organized Religion   
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M  Map is Not the Territory
 Moving Beyond Limitation
 My Thoughts on "Sekhmet Rising: The Restlessness of Women’s Genius"
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N   NLP: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
 A New Perspective in Medicine
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O  One Woman's Journey Home
  Our interconnectedness, its implications and its potential
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P pdf Paralysis of Potential, The
 Parenting:The Other Gift that Keeps on Giving
 Pathways to Personal Power
 Perpetuating Fear
 Personal Coaching: Going Bigger, Moving Faster and Finding Transformation
 Personal Wellness – It’s Personal
  Part 1: Who Are We in Thought?
  Part 2: Human Doing, vs. Human Being & Our Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes (BVAs)
  Part 3: Permission – What Does It Look Like, & Whose Giving it To You
  Part 4: Vital Human – Vital Self
 Power of Not Knowing
 Power of our Personal Potential
 Powefully You... reclaiming your power as a Highly Sensitive Person
 Programmed for Predictable
 Putting the Magic Back In Medicine
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Q  Quantum Leaps - Inspiration and Alchemy
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R   Reality: Fact or Interpretation?
 Reflections of a Mother
  Reflections on the Huna Retreat Experience
 Reframing Addiction
 Riding The Waves
 Ripples… Wave… Tsunami
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S  Sacred Spaces - Inner Places
 Salt and Energy
 Seeking... My Own Magic
 Sekhmet Rising: The Restlessness of Women's Genius
 Sekhmet: An Invitation to our Evolution
 Seventh Logical Level of Thinking
 Single Moms: Struggles and Strengths
 Stand Alone
 Staying the Course
 Stepping out of the Box
 Stress Free: How Good Are You Willing To Have It?
 Submodalities and Music
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T  The CODE Model™: Powerful New Instrument for Change
pdf The Journey to ‘Radical’
  The Therapy Model: Friend or Foe?
  Thoughts on: Abundance
  Thoughts on: Being Outside and Inside
 Thoughts on: Celebration
 Thoughts on: Commitment
 Thoughts on: Creativity and Daily Living
 Thoughts on: the Level of the Game
 Through the Eyes of a Practicing Physician
 Time Line Therapy for a Quantum Age
  Training: Moving into the 21st Century
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U  Unleashing the Hidden Powers of Emotion
pdfUrgency vs Panic   
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V  Voices and Choices
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W   Walk and Awake!, A
 WEL-Systems: New Paradigm for NLP
  WEL-Systems®:NLP... is it for me?
  WEL-Systems:NLP - Help for Fibromyalgia
  What does it take for women to lead?
  What Else, if Not Addictions?
  What is NLP and is it for me?
  What the Heck Was Mesmer Really Doing?
  Who Says it has to be Hard!
pdf Women, Breast Cancer, Food and Men  
  Women's Voices - Women's Choices
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Y   Year of Practical Magic… and the 5 Keys to Making it Happen