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Pathways to Personal Power CD set

"I listened to Pathways and loved the information and messages... What an eye, brain and mind opener!!! Love it!!!

I am impressed at how extremely well you present and explain yourself. Super job!!! I could write on and on about how your tapes fascinate, awaken, and excite me! ... Keep up the great work!"
Christopher M., Digby, Nova Scotia

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Fully Alive

"I am reading Fully Alive, and it is hard to not read on... I know what I know Louise, and I cannot imagine anyone opening and engaging the read of the book and being able to set the book down with any ease. It is line by line life transforming. You have done the Universe a great service... and my sense is simply this. It needs to reach the masses. It is the truth of so many and that so many are unwilling to engage in.

As I read, I am mindful of my own resourcefulness in finding and taking back my life through the WEL-Systems Body of knowledge. It was knowledge as I came to learn of it and come to understand it. Now it is a way of life. "
Koreen Kimakowich, Awakening Wave, Ottawa, Ontario

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Phoenix Rising

"I have found the WEL-System model to be what I was looking for! Your body really does know the answers, if we just listen! Phoenix Rising explains in language easy to understand the process the body takes, and the code to understand what it is telling you.

You have a pain? You have a kink? You have a tightness? Where? Put your attention to that area. What is your body telling you?

For me, I always knew I carried the answer to my life, but I was conditioned to not listen! Now, I listen. People love to tell other people what to do, and do they do it? NO! People know what the answer is for them and it's not what other people tell them to do.

Phoenix Rising gives you permission to listen to you. It gave me permission to listen to me and information to decipher the message. Thanks Louise!"
Lynette Thayer, Detroit, MI

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When the Horse Dies

Not only did I read the (Parenting) Chapter, but I passed it on to two mothers when I was in (South America). One of them is a art educator and painter who works a lot with children and is a wonderful mother. She loved it! The other, I spent a lot of time with, subversively transmitting elements of the chapter, until I felt she was ready to get the 2 by 4. I hear now that she has made some drastic positive changes to the way she interacts with her son, whom she resented tremendously and treated accordingly. So you have even reached into the deep recesses of (South America). I thank you for the gift of your book and am ejoying my son, who also has a copy of the famous chapter...
Dominique , Ottawa, Ont.

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Sensual, Sexual and Spiritual Beings

I am just about finished listening to the 10 CD set from this amazing experience, that I was present for. There are no words for me to describe the shifts that have taken place as I listen to the words, and the spaces in-between the words of a conversation I was actively part of.

My experience in this moment is this CD set allows us to unearth a fundament truth that is buried deep inside and covered up by years and layers of cultural conditioning. How do I know the power this CD set has? My life reflects the shifts I feel inside of myself, it's that simple!
Lisa J. Weiss

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Sekhmet Rising

"To reach deep within ourself and grab at the core of our being, our true self, is by its verynature something that transcends words. It is a transcendent experience, and something we all struggle with when we are on the path of true self discovery and authenticity. After such a connection to our deepest selves, we sometimes yearn to put this experience into words, to share it with others, and to participate in the understanding of the experiences of others. The process of doing this grounds our experience in the physical world and makes it more likely we will follow through with our newly gained understanding.

The collection of personal experiences in Sekhmet Rising is such a powerful collection of personal truths and journeys that it inspires our own searching to a new level. I found reading these stories empowered me to reask questions, to rethink answers, and to revisit many past experiences along my path.

The effect was an even deeper understanding of who I am, what I like and don't like, and how I came to be who I am. Thank you for the journey, for as woman share we are all included more fully in the dance of rising up!!"
Laura Kealoha Yardley Author of Heart of Huna

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Guardians of the Vision

"I could not put this book down! Each word of each chapter speaks to the truth and willingness of each contributing author to manifest a new world... one of massive respect, integrity and generosity of spirit for ourSelves and for our children and their children.

In my life, I have birthed two children. What I now know about being fully alive, would have stood me and my children in good stead, more than thirty years ago, when they arrived and as they grew into adults. I know that they would have experienced a far more resourceful experience of themselves in realizing their own autonomy. I would have, too."
Sheila Winter Wallace, R.N. CODE Model CoachTM WEL-Systems® Master Facilitator Creator BSI - Body Spirit Integration

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Leadership Redefined ~ Reclaimed CD set

Louise, I am almost through listening to your new leadership CD's, and they are brilliant - as always!

I feel like referring to them as Women & Power - The Next Generation. They feel like exactly what they are: 10 years of evolution beyond the time of your initial creation of the Women & Power audio tapes; and for me, the information feels familiar and also timeless, recognizable as what we have known all along yet somehow or other, being outside our reach.....

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