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Manifesting a Meaningful Life

Manifesting A Meaningful Life did it! The exploration ended after 6 wonderful days, and I arrived home invigourated, enlivened, enriched. As well, I’m enchanted with my power to create a holodeck that REALLY worked for me. Louise and seven other terrific, powerful, engaged, fun women were all in the program room for me – or so it seemed to me. As each one opened up to and became stronger in her knowledge and expansion of herSelf and what that might mean in her life, each moment and going forward, so did I.

And now as I write one week on, I realize how differently I have viewed my life and lived each day this week. I am surprised and delighted about how much has changed for me because of my increased awareness about myself and the about the vibration, the energetic force that I discovered/know myself to be in this world. It seems I have more space around me and colours have an increased vibrancy. In the instances when I was getting bogged down I remembered again that I am the force Artistry in this world and ‘struggle’ does not have to be part of what I create for myself. Standing in this place, choosing from this position . . . it’s powerful stuff! It feels right for me.
Lucy Hensel

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Sexsual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings

This particular retreat experience centered on such a potent and inflammatory subject matter for me, I must admit, I was somewhat hesitant at first to engage the conversation. Yet held within the gracious space created by Louise and the WEL-Systems® context and process, it allowed me to make room to relax and awaken a whole new different level of Self-awareness that I didn’t even know existed or was possible for me.

Old feelings of being broken – not whole – a cracked dish, frigid, a cock-tease, stuck up, apologizing for my lack of sexuality and appeal … so-called emotions and energetic charges in my body, long repressed, shut down, numbed, out of my mindful awareness, dismissed, slapped down, (yet in many ways running my life; keeping me small; fearful; not fully engaged) all of a sudden surfaced and presented opportunities to reveal mySelf to mySelf and to grow and to evolve. It was like another layer of a binding peeling and falling away; another layer of something very precious and cherished being unwrapped, to reveal its brilliant magnificence beneath.

Being able to see and luxuriate in a process where I experienced my Self along a continuum within the realm of sensual, sexual, spiritual (had no idea that one even existed since I had previously held such notions as isolated, separate and compartmentalized); allowing space, movement and flow to experience mySelf within the realm of and along the continuum of maiden, goddess, crone … were all powerful and amazing discoveries for me.

Through the process of Quantum TLC™ and in the safe, good company of others I experienced my Self in the awakened tissue of my very being as a reclamation back to Self and my wholeness … it was like a celebration of a part of my Self having been lost, suppressed, finding mySelf back home to ME … whole, unique, essential to my world.

I am whole, unique, essential; not defective; broken; deficient; lacking; no longer apologizing for the shape and design of my body. There is no other to validate me; just ME and I love it. I am the one who is dominant in my life. I am the only one who gets to define me. I am sufficient – I am enough.

I experienced another shift in perspective from the choice-point up; another turn on the kaleidoscope and I see, feel and now live through new eyes: a whole new realm of amazing possibilities and treasures for me to engage and to play.

As a result of being part of the retreat, I now stand in a different place. The SSS experience has allowed me to raise the level of the conversations with my husband. He does not have to perform and I don’t have to measure up. We get to re-define what it means to be “husband” … what it means to be “wife” while engaging with each other with great RIG — respect, integrity and generosity of spirit.

There is no right or wrong: the conversations now are more meaningful and meaty. Sometimes they are not always welcoming or expected and may have a jagged and jarring quality to them. Nevertheless they get to be aired, they get to surface and see the light of day. No longer festering resentment, disappointment or harboring hidden or secret agendas and manipulations … they get to be unleashed and freed. Whatever fall-out or consequences result, gets to be engaged and metabolized in and by the body.

I stand at a different place: a place for me whereby intimacy does not equate to sexuality, and penetration does not mean violation or control.

And so, another layer of ME has arrived and I have evolved. I move forward with an enhanced knowingness, a heightened consciousness and a profound reconnection to mySelf and to others. I look forward to the next layer of my perpetually evolving Self.

My heartfelt thanks and deepest RIG to all.
Noreen Mejias-Bennett

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Whispers from Within: Glimpses into Journeys of Transformation

Powerfully Validating

Being at the Whispers retreat was like floating in a warm current for me....a current that flows with me, not against me.

I cannot ever describe how powerfully validating the retreat was for me, and how much the presence of each of the participants remains with me. Your leadership was instrumental to my experience of "just being there" for myself. I felt that my presence, without action or words, was not only enough, but also was a contribution. You honored us all.

The Whispers retreat confirmed for me the truth about what I really need as I move never be a stranger to myself again.
Isabel Phillips, Ed.D. Weston , MA

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Entrepreneurial Women

Engaging 100% for manifesting!

I discovered more deeply in my experience of myself that being entrepreneurial is about engaging 100% of the force that I am toward manifesting a life that reflects the unique expression that I am meant to be in the world.

I realized I was functioning at 30% capacity and that the other 70 % was being used to manage my past. Through this experience, I was able to step fully into the mindset of leaving the struggle from the past behind and focus my attention on creating MY future, no BOX, moment to moment.

I now GET that being entrepreneurial is a state of mind out of which my life is created and I now know inside my body how to choose ME in the moment to create an emerging future.
Annick Chenier Ottawa, Ontario

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Leadership Redefined ~ Reclaimed

Why wait?

As I sit here thinking about last week and the program, there is a lot to ponder.

When I stepped into the program I wondered if it was for me. Did I see myself as a leader? How did I view leadership?

Whether or not you own your own business, work for someone else or stay at home managing the many challenges of home, I can tell you that this program has made an impact on my life that I didn’t think was possible.

I left seeing myself differently than I had before and realized that I had strength and power from within that will make a difference not only in my future but others as well.

Since last week my life has changed. I feel more sure of myself and the decisions that I’m making. The thoughts for new business ideas are coming fast and furious and it’s an incredible feeling. I used to take more time before to “think” things out but now they just happen and work out just fine.

Louise LeBrun is an incredible Leader because she is present to herself and by doing so others do the same. What I like about her approach is the fact that there is no Good or Bad ,Right or Wrong,. It’s a win win situation. She creates a space where you can be honest and speak the truth of your own experience and not have to apologize for showing up and being yourself.

My life has changed and it’s because I stepped into this program and allowed myself to explore possibilities that would have normally taken me longer to consider. I now come up with ideas and before I know it, they’re up and running. I’ll be posting two programs in the next week before I leave for Ottawa that originally I had thought of not posting until September. Why wait? Now seems like a good time.

So indeed, why wait? If there is a program on Emerging Futures: Leadership Redefined – Reclaimed, step into it and watch how quickly your life will unfold in a way that would have normally taken longer or may not have even happened.
Amy McNaughton Dartmouth N.S.

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