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Spending time with Louise LeBrun in a program or coaching experience can change your life - rapidly, profoundly and in a way that leaves you trusting yourself to do the rest!

Below is a small sampling of what people have shared after engaging with Louise. Not only have their lives changed, these same people move on to become the invitation to the people they love to discover more about themselves. Life is contagious - and an experience with Louise will help you become the thought virus that supports life, love and the creation of a more meaningful life.

Your work continues to inspire me are a wonderful model, and your tapes are life affirming and life changing for women. The radio show is brilliant because it is so focused on holding the space for others to wake up.
Louise, I can't tell you how much the WEL-Systems experience has enriched my life and enabled me to deal with situations I would have not been able to deal with had I not had this experience. I will give you one example but will not go into detail.........there will be another time for that. My husband has not drank for 14+ years. In January of this year, I came home after having been out for a couple of hours to find him 100% intoxicated. He had fallen out the back door and was covered in blood and mud. My response, at first was that he had a concussion..........but then I took a few deep breaths and realized what had happened. That has happened a few times since that, however, my life has continued to evolve to bigger and better things and he is still in it. That is only one small piece of the pie. So, Louise, I truly believe in this (and) I want to share it with others.

This new day has me "feeling", experiencing a new sense and sensibility of unshakable. I know the world; my world will be quite different from this day forward. I am no longer on the hunt for evidence to support anything other than a meaningful, abundant and vibrant life.

Thank you, Louise! You are an immense gift to the world, in particular because of the gift that you are to all women who choose to engage with you and your legacy of material that offers a new place to stand. The new place to stand is no longer about how I stand "out there", "over here", rather, HOW I STAND INSIDE OF MYSELF.

I too believe women hold the key and play a crucial role for our evolution as a species. We always have and it is time we reclaimed this for ourselves and our world. Huge Hugs!!

Louise, thank you, for continuing to be the fiercest and the kindest person I have ever met.

How to begin? Literally. It seems that I am standing on the edge of a new world unfolding and I am lost and not afraid. I am at peace with myself which I believe I have never truly experienced. I had moments or flashes of what I would have called peacefulness but not to this level. I am still in awe of the opening up of myself to my signal. It astounds me how easy and effortless the process was. As you, I have experienced the therapeutic model along with body work and questioned that there must be more?

The analogy of a basted turkey best describes my experience. Through the meditation, I discovered I was bound by cords that held me inward which squeezed me tightly and I was closed in on myself. Pinched inward and not allowing anything to enter my body. The release came when my signal (the light) pierced through me from my head to my toes, shearing the cords that bound me and allowing all of the stuffing (the crap or shit) held in my body to explode into smitherins and be digested by the magnificent being that I am.

You as my guide allowed me for the first time in my life to accept myself as a magnificent being. How one word could mean so much? At 54 years old, discovering that I deemed myself worthless until now. There is no holding me back; I do not know where my journey will take me. I know that we will continue in the emerging future conversations.

Thank you for being the gentle, caring, probing (fingernail) spirit that encouraged me to transform into a wide winged butterfly open to many possibilities before your very eyes.

I sit here this morning with such a deep appreciation of my life. Can you imagine that I just said that!

I got many answers this weekend and the funny thing is that they don't matter as much anymore, again, can you imagine that!

I am in the moment.

I have had incredible conversations with my daughter and my partner.

I am alive.

Thank you, beyond words, from my womb, actually for having the courage to not let the world tell you you are crazy but to regenerate your cells and thus your space and thus our space in the world.

Louise, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to acheive a pain free existence - words are utterly inadequite to express my gratitude and my joy at the changes in my body. My hands are hot and tingling with energy - if I put them on a table they burn into it like my feet do into the floor and it feels amazing. My back is calm and if it starts to twinge I just breathe through it and it begins to move. It is a wonderful state of being!

Louise, I went for a walk after I sent you that email. I kept on thinking about what a diferance you've made in my life and how fortunate I am that you came into my life. You know, I've tried a lot of things including diet, exercise, mindfulness meditation, etc. The only thing that has ever made a difference is what I learned from you at the WEL-Systems Institute. This is what I want to pass on to the people I meet. All the people that I've helped is because of what you taught me.

Louise, were the catalyst and friend who hawled me out of the deep from dying. Thank you, again! And, with these tears that continue to flow and flow, and flow some more, could you please share this note with the broader WEL-Systems (community). There are so many beautiul souls that listened, helped, offered wise counsel, and sent pure energy and intention my way. I want everyone to know I hold them (and you) in this crucible of gratitude for being there on my walk towards "making right, right". Everybody has been special in my emerging future.

Thanks so much for this afternoon; I left feeling a lot clearer. I am truly blessed, Louise, to have your presence in my life.

I have always known you to have such an exceptional depth of clarity, Louise, yet, now I experience it as even deeper and even more profound. Your dissemination of your knowledge is breathtaking (or should I say breath inviting?!) in its cutting- edge delivery - and with such aloha.

And thank you, Louise! I did nothing for the rest of the afternoon except think and write in my journal. It was a very cleansing experience indeed.

I want to tell you how much you have changed my life. I have found that I can stand and be who I am without attacking others, I can not blend into the wall when I want to be heard, and I can say I like who I am. What an experience you have given me!

Thank you. You have given me, me and I don't fear my future or have fears of being the "bag lady". I have even found a nice man and I am able to speak my truth without the fear that "he won't like it". Thank you for being there and for all you have given.

Thank you Louise….and it was your passion shining through that pulled me from the darkness into the light!

 I know if I need to cleanse or heal, I would come to you. The gifts you have are truly a gift and for anyone who wants to take that step, I would recommend you. Thank you Louise for being there for my call.

I want to thank you for the most incredible journey that I experienced last week and that is beyond explanation. It has absolutely changed so many things in my life and I look forward to taking more courses with you. I wanted to say thank you!

There has been so much movement and liberation for the women who have done your program. And it is only the start. Kudos to you and for your generosity of spirit to be doing this work.

Louise can spot a movement a mile away. Her gift is stunning in its power and she pocesses a timeless humanism given her absolute willingness to give her gift to each and every one of us. I am blessed in that I have met and engaged with numerous people that I hold as soulful but, without any doubt, Louise LeBrun burns brighter. Her gift fascinates me partly because she burns hot and slow. For me, it is the latter that allows her to see; that is, not to miss a beat in calibrating what is happening in the deep inner landscape of others. There is no escaping being seen.

 Engaging was very huge for me! Thanks for such an amazing week. All of your experiences have called up something huge inside of me. Thanks for being witness to my decloaking and processing....that for me was huge.
 I've just read about you for 2 hours.... like I just started browsing & holy cow.... 2 hours later! I would like to say, you are extremely articulate. Although we haven't met yet I feel like I know you.
 Thank you so much! How that inspires me to go within. I have found, just recently, that many more profound and meaningful answers come directly to me when I simply ask. No real need to seek the experts. You have inspired me to trust those answers and continue to ask for myself.

Just like other people say, I have learned so much from my experience and that experience helped me to grow as a person. I am happy about who I am now and just trusting my process. Actually it is a very good feeling and I am enjoying my life.

I'm full of hope, determination to stick with the tough questions, and yes, even confidence that I can; and I'm looking forward to the continuing process of uncovering and discovering. And whatever else that brings. Many many thanks to you - in the truest sense of the words

Thank you for your article posted at Bruce Lipton's web page.. It is so right on for me and has given me knowledge I have been in confusion about for some time.. Looking at our present state of affairs I have found no one who has been able to see it so Cleary and honestly and have us look at it face to face in order to transform... Thank you

 The profound meaning that being in (the program) has for me is truly beyond words. Every day that I experience in mySelf, the bursting excitement, the tears of joy, the daily fun and adventure, the overwhelming fire energy, the moments of knowing within my body ... and so on, brings me one more day of feeling totally incredibly awake and alive. And, I am so unwilling to go back to where my life was that all I can do is to continue to press on through the process. Can I make it the rest of the way? I have no clue. What I do know, though, is that regardless of what comes along to steer me away from the path that I am moving, I just know within my inner self that, moment by moment, I will continue to choose to move on through this journey.
 I marvel at your ability to write in a way that reflects what you see and you speak with the clarity you do so we can evolve in more and more powerful ways and provide markers for you that what you do makes a huge difference. It is in these moments that (the program) holds its greatest value and meaning for me and I know that being part of it is what will support my evolution in developing the skills to meet my intention.
 Knowing a little of what you have been going through with family crises, that you were there at all on Saturday is a testament to your commitment. For me, your brilliance still shone through because of your authenticity and the insights you always share with people.

I have reflected a lot on what you said in (the program), as well as how you showed up in that course. Both have been impactful for me. I perceive that you have a calm self-assurance (no arrogance) and belief in yourself (and what you do). Refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you.

 I want to thank you so very much for your love and thoughtfullness. I received in the mail on Thursday, your wonderful journal - complete with a gorgeous poppy. That journal will travel with me, far and wide as I share my story with women all around the country! Every time I open the pages, I will think of you and the incredible support you have given me for the emergence of who I am all my wonderous glory! My ongoing intention is to support other women with the same degree of love and caring with which you have supported me!

I meant every word in my paragraph of appreciation to you in my book ... you are surely and solidly the spark and flame beneath my evolution - sort of like what whatshername said in Beaches, 'you are the wind beneath my wings'! Big time!

 I loved the learning from others, particularly you. I appreciate your insights and wisdom, your willingness to articulate and help others to see what they've got, and the compassion that you demonstrate when you work with us.