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November 26, 27 & 28 - 2014
Fairmont Chateau Montebello, QC
$1895 plus HST ~ includes 3-day experience & standard accommodation Tues/Wed/Thur nights. (Meals separate)
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A pause....

A quiet moment to reflect....

A peaceful place to relax and reset…

Experience the softer side of personal evolution... as you open a gateway to a new way to see and a different place from which to explore.

Sometimes, it just feels like too much responsibility and not enough possibility!

Sometimes, we need to stop... take a breath... and allow ourselves the time and the space to reconsider where we are and where we want to go.

And sometimes, what we really need, is to reconsider who we are and who we might want to become!

We all lead busy lives. In the face of the needs and expectations of the many and varied 'others' in our lives, we might not notice when we've begun to slide to the bottom of our own 'to-do' list... forgetting that our own needs and best interests also require nurturing, that we might stay well and willing to engage.

Even airlines know: put the oxygen mask on yourself, first, before you seek to assist anyone else. If you're not breathing... inhaling fully and exhaling those long, slow, life-giving breaths... not likely that your wellbeing of body, mind and Spirit can be sustainable. No matter how much we care, we need to stop.... take that breath... and allow ourselves to relax, rediscover and reclaim meaning and potential in our own lives.

Women of all ages who know that taking care of themselves - at all levels of their lives- is the wise thing to remember to do. Whether familiar with or new to WEL-Systems®, this experience will affirm that we know, intuitively, that there is more; that the powerful messages from that deeper place within will not just go away; and that great expantion in our lives need not take a long time!

Pause to consider: "I can't give what I haven't got. What do I need to give myself?"

Relax into discovering:

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The Motivation

It has long been known that a change can be as good as a rest! Choosing to step into this retreat experience will offer you the opportunity for both - all in the framework of one powerful conversation!

In the good company of other women seeking to take that extended breath and allow themselves to know, this small-group experience invites rest, relaxation and rediscovery.

At your own pace, you'll know what it is to invite and allow what lives inside you to present for you to consider. As much as you may arrive in need of a nap, you'll leave energized, awake and ready to re-engage your world!

"Perhaps, what we long for is the permission to be fully and authentically ourselves! That indefinable yet palpable inner truth that calls to us softly in our quiet breath, waiting for us to be still long enough that it might be reclaimed. Inner Wisdom tells us: the permission we seek can only come from within.

Perhaps, what we require is not more 'stuff' to know, but a safe place where we can come to know ourselves: intimately, authentically and profoundly. Inner Wisdom tells us: we already know - but dare we reveal?

Perhaps, what we seek is not another to guide us, but a welcoming invitation for us to reconnect to the guide within. That quiet voice that comes from a place too-long forgotten and yet, despite losing ourselves, has never abandoned us or given up on us. Inner Wisdom tells us: we are cherished... and we need but trust that potential in our lives.

Perhaps, what we need is not another clever strategy or detailed plan, but a single moment of truth that we recognize as uniquely our own. A vibration in tissue that awakens and enlivens; one that takes us to a place we know instantly as Home... and a return to Self. Inner Wisdom tells us: home will be found in that truth, within. " (Louise LeBrun)

These are not your ordinary conversations!
WEL-Systems® explorations are just that: explorations of our own potential that emerge from our willingness to show up and engage the moment; trusting an instinct to be present, without editing and without second-guessing ourselves.  The outcome is unpredictable.... except for one thing:  it will profoundly change lives!

The Gentle Journey

Sometimes, the most productive choice we can make is to push the 'pause' button on our lives... exhale... and regroup.

The Pause for Potential offers the place, the space and the pace that can make room for you to breathe again. For example, you're first decision will be whether to sleep in or join friends for breakfast, overlooking the river.

Your day will invite meaningful conversation, along with generous chunks of time to visit the beautiful Spa, swim in the pool or linger in the hot tub. And not to forget that quintessential rejuvenator: the mid-day nap!

Bring your journal and consider capturing your insights and discoveries, offering future moments of reflection that you might come to own the gift to yourself of your own evolution. You'll discover that no matter how much you grow and evolve and become, there is always room for more!

Let it be easy! Allow yourself to know the power of combining intention (your desire to discover) with grace (your willingness to allow it to unfold), in the good comany of others seeking that discovery for themselves. With each of us an expression of some aspect of the other's consciousness, the messages of our own potential flow easily that we might choose meaningfully for ourselves. No rush; no pressure; no requirement for it to be any way other than the easy way, for you.

The Space as Metaphor

In our previous times at the Chateau Montebello, we have found support and comfort in its open spaces; windows galore as we look out over the river and its bounty. We have also noticed that in these expansive spaces, many were held in a dark and heavy way. Replicas of emanating light of times gone by, casting shadows in ways that betray the senses; fading light anchoring darkness in the corners of our minds. The Power Center responds with an activation of alertness, causing us to peer more attentively... more cautiously, perhaps... into the faded light. As we move forward into the Spaces of our choosing, we come to know that we ARE the Light that is required for illumination. In that moment, darkness lifts and the sun awakens us to a new dawn.

This welcoming and inviting reminder of Source is ever-present as we engage from the privacy of our cosy space, expansive windows allowing us a full view of all that is in motion beyond our quiet place. From the rising of the sun to its moment of sinking slowly beyond the horizon, we are reminded of our birthright of flow and possibility; of inhaling potential and exhaling our manifestation, each moment a precursor to the next. And like the river can change the expression of its flow, we reconnect to that simple truth inside ourselves: ours is the hand at the helm of our own destiny.

The Invitation

November brings with it the promise of the coming Holiday Season! At this time, the Chateau Montebello is fully dressed for the occasion, in anticipation of falling snow, twinkling lights and the warmth from the massive Lobby fireplace. A great place to sip tea, in quiet conversation or in the good company of your favourite book. Whatever you decide, your choice is perfect for you!

We arrive at the Chateau Montebello the day before the event (Tuesday), in anticipation of settling in and exploring what this quiet space has to offer.  Give yourself the opportuity to ease slowly into this powerful process in a way that allows you to reconnect to your own thoughts and intentions, for this time taken just for you. The structure of the event encourages you to take that extra day at the end (Friday), taking your time as you return to your 'normal' life with new thoughts, new experiences and new perspectives integrating powerfully into your body.

The Pause for Potential will begin on Wednesday morning, November 26th,, at 10:00 a.m. and end on Friday, November 28th at 1:00 pm. We'll gather at 10:00 a.m. to begin our day; break from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for lunch, journaling, spa treatments, etc.; and reconvene from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm to complete our day.   Our evenings are our own to do with as we please.  Small group conversations, shared meals and quiet time in solitude to reflect on the day's discoveries... all are possible for the choosing. 

Our time together will be spent in easy chairs and comfy sofas, settled in for amazing conversation with amazing women! Large windows open onto the expanse of the river as it drifts by, reminding us that we have all the time in the world to pay attention to what matters most to us in this moment.

Offering lots of room to move about without missing a beat of the conversation, your way of engaging can easily be supported by this quiet, gentle place. Together, we will leave far more than we had imagined possible when we arrived!

Your registration includes the retreat experience plus standard room accommodation for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Meals/incidentals are separate. Your room will be booked for you when you register.

Staying Connected

These retreats change lives!  If you're curious and willing to explore; if you're ready for a break and want to evolve as you also carve out space/time for yourself; and if you want to play the game of personal evolution for the great joy that it brings then, this is the place for you!

You can trust that you'll be greeted with open arms and a welcoming presence.  You can count on a gentle entry into open, clear, honest and direct explorations in a context of respect, integrity and generosity of spirit (RIG). And you can expect impact that will propel you powerfully into your own Emerging Future.   Since no two retreats are the same, you can also return in anticipation of conversations that hold your interest and attention in ways unparalleled by any other. 

Consider the possibility of inviting one of the women in your life to choose this experience for herself. Imagine the transformation that becomes possible when you both speak the same language of the deeper parts of the soul; and can now trust yourself and each other in ways inaccessible before this exploration. There is not only safety in numbers, there is great joy in the journey in the company of those we engage with RIG - respect, integrity and generosity of spirit!

Your Guide: Louise LeBrun – creator of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, Evolution by Intention™ and Emerging Futures experiences - is a vibrant, dynamic and constantly-evolving woman of many expressions. After more than 25 years of creating, faciitating and engaging in these journeys of discovery, Louise is living proof that personal evolution need never end!

Integrating the ancient wisdom (the mystical) with what we now know of who we are as human beings from the quantum sciences (equally mystical!) , a new way to live emerges from our willingness to not know and move forward, anyway. Emerging Futures is an invitation from the Higher Self, flowing through the tissue of the physical body, to choose our potential rather than our habits and our fears.

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