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February to November - 2015
Monthly: 5 Hours (3 Hours small group online process + 2 hours one-on-one)

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(Louise LeBrun)

Every Certified CMC takes a well-travelled path to reach that desired outcome. Through the 3-day CMC Certification Intensive; the extensive 4-hour written exam; and the 90-day practicum that completes with a 3500-word essay for publication, the common elements of The CODE Model™ and its supporting materials are available for all to repeatedly engage.

Once Certification is attained, diversity of expression becomes the norm. Some continue to seek their own, ongoing evolution as they turn to engage with others. And then there are those for whom the deep desire to accelerate their personal evolution - recogizing the great genius in others as expressions of aspects of their own consciousness - is an essential aspect of their reason to BE.

Advanced CMC: Master Student Revealed is for those Certified CMC's who hunger for those long, sweeping undulations at the deepest part of the ocean! Trusting that those who come to the conversation are eager to press its edges into the unknown, this converation has no boundaries. Through the small group process, supplemented with 2 hours of focused and personalized one-on-one conversation, the edges of 'what is' fade into the background as the Space of what can become flows through the enquiry.

Every month, we begin the process by coming together in an online exploration for 3 hours. Never more than 4 CMC's in this small - but electric! - collective, the gateway opens to what the coming weeks might invite. With each an aspect of the other's unfolding consciousness, great leaps become possible as we allow ourselves to embrace that which becomes evident about Self, through Other.

Following our collective conversation, you get to choose your time for completion of the one-on-one 2-hour exploration.

As much as the one-on-one might complete the group process from that month, it becomes an opportunity to open into the next. In this exploration, there is no end - there is only the recognition that all things are gateways into the next discovery; and each is its own perceptual filter of possibility.

Certified CODE Model Coaches™

(NOTE: Participation in this 10-month experience qualifies you for two years in the Directory of Registered CMC's)

Pause to consider: "I can't give what I haven't got. What do I need to give myself?"



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The Motivation

Advanced CMC: Master Student Revealed is an exploration of potential above the Choice Point. Without external cues; without guidelines, directives or other references in the material world, we stand in a place of Pure Potential and unfurl ourselves into the moment. Not always easy... and not always fun!.... but nonetheless, the intention from which the practical is sourced in the magic of the truth of who AND WHAT we are!

This great willingness and abilty to explore becomes the contagion factor for your inerconnectivity with others. It is not about 'the new' - it is about 'the great reveal'... and in that,' the next layer' emerges.

"Perhaps, what we long for is the permission to be fully and authentically ourselves! That indefinable yet palpable inner truth that calls to us softly in our quiet breath, waiting for us to be still long enough that it might be reclaimed. Master Student whispers: the permission we seek can only come from within.

Perhaps, what we require is not more 'stuff' to know, but a safe place where we can come to know ourselves: intimately, authentically and profoundly. Master Student whispers: we already know - but dare we reveal?

Perhaps, what we seek is not another to guide us, but a welcoming invitation for us to reconnect to the guide within. That quiet voice that comes from a place too-long forgotten and yet, despite losing ourselves, has never abandoned us or given up on us. Master Student whispers: we are cherished... and we need but trust that potential in our lives.

Perhaps, what we need is not another clever strategy or detailed plan, but a single moment of truth that we recognize as uniquely our own. A vibration in tissue that awakens and enlivens; one that takes us to a place we know instantly as Home... and a return to Self. Master Student whispers: home will be found in that truth, within. "

(Louise LeBrun)


The Cost

Advanced CMC: Master Student Revealed is intended to further your interests and designed to meet your needs. You get to decide how much, how far and how deep you want to go with your constantly evolving expression of Self.

Monthly: $450/HST - Sign up from one month to the next, letting each experience determine your level of interest in the continuing journey. Register the week before the opening group experience.

Annually: $4000/HST - Ready for the deep dive into your own potential? Register with full paymet at the beginning of the program and save $500.

Your Master Student Playmate:

Louise LeBrun – creator of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, Evolution by Intention™ and Emerging Futures experiences - is a vibrant, dynamic and constantly-evolving woman of many expressions. After more than 25 years of creating, faciitating and engaging in these journeys of discovery, Louise is living proof that personal evolution need never end!

Integrating the ancient wisdom (the mystical) with what we now know of who we are as human beings from the quantum sciences (equally mystical!) , a new way to live emerges from our willingness to not know and move forward, anyway. Master Student is an invitation from the Higher Self, flowing through the tissue of the physical body, to choose our potential rather than our habits and our fears.

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