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Call to the Cultural Crones
Redefining Creation
Advanced CMC
CMC Discovery
CMC Evolution
CMC Intensive
Entrepreneurial Women
Huna: Rediscovering
Your Higher Self
Redefined - Reclaimed
The Pause for Potential:
Listening for the Emerging Soul
Power, Passion & Purpose
The Power of Permission:
The Wisdom of the Crones
Radical EVEoluion
Sekhmet Rising:
Daring to Awaken
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings: The Next Level
WEL-Systems Discovery
WEL-Systems: NLP
Whispers from Within
Women and Fear


Call to the Cultural Crones: Redefining Creation

2nd Annual Gathering of The Cultural Crones

Imagine a world where women own their Voice ; where they claim their birthright for Choice; and where they trust their internal cues before they simply comply with external demands. ... More...

Price $595.00
Register at the online store

  Decloaking...and Living Authentically

Say yes to your own accelerated evolution!

This 5 Day experience will change your life. It is not a training (relying on practices and techniques) but is a small group, life-altering experience that tranforms who you are and awakens your potential to design your life. More...

Price $2500.00
Register at the online store

Radical EVEolution
Reclaiming LeaderSelf

  • Can you imagine living your life from a deeper, inner truth?
  • Is it time to stop talking about it and start living it?
  • Are you ready to claim your capacity for meaningful change in your life?
  • All women are welcome to engage in this one-day adventure of discovery!. If you're new to a WEL-SystemsŪ perspective, you'll be surprised by what's possible for you, in your life, now! More...

    SPECIAL OFFER: To register and take advantage of getting 50% off the retail pricing on a combination package of CD's, designed specifically for this one-day event click here.

    Price $395.95

    Engaging and Awakening Others!

    working and playing effectively in your world

    This 5 Day experience is designed to enliven you at multiple levels of thinking. Engaging provides you with what you need to become resourceful in working with others to co-create the world in which you want to live! More...

    Price $2500.00
    Register at the online store

    WEL-Systems:NLP Certification

    Quantum Leaps Beyond Techniques!

    Step outside the box and allow yourself to be submerged in all that NLP has to offer in one, wholistic experience. Choose any of the 3 Modules and dicover new ways to affect your world! More...

    Special Price for all 3 Modules: $2985.00
    Register at the online store

    Manifesting a Meaningful Life

    Living Life by Design

    This 6 Day experience explores and discovesr the unique Signal from Self that you are in the world and its expression in living your life, by design. More...

    Price $6000.00
    Register at the online store

    WEL-Systems® Discovery

    Engage the Power of the Process

    An invitation to connect to yourself, stay awake, engage and connect to others who are staying engaged in the WEL-SystemsŪ process of self-discovery and accelerated personal evolution.. More...

    Price: $1200.00
    Register by contacting Nancy Hanlon

    CODE Model Coaching Intensive

    working and playing effectively in your world

    Three-day intensive journey to become certified as a CODE Model Coach™. Participants must have completed Manifesting a Meaningful Life.

    Price $3000.00
    Register at the online store

    CMC Evolution

    Certification Renewal for CODE Model Coaches 2-Day Accelerated Intensive

    From moment to moment, change flows through WEL-Systems®-based experiences, transforming lives and inviting new worlds to emerge! Staying current with these ongoing and expanding changes, in a world of accelerating change, can be a challenge.

    Price $1500.00
    Register at the online store


    Accelerated Coaching for Entrepreneurial Stars

    The next evolutionary leap for Certified CODE Model Coaches™ who desire to invite others to reconsider their lives/worlds through a WEL-Systems® approach. When you are clear that you're The One to make a difference in your own life. Participants must have completed the CODE Model Coaching Intensive. More...

    Price $3495.00
    Register at the online store