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The 6-day ‘Manifesting a Meaningful Life’ experience is THE conversation that lights me up! Big! Bold! Boundless and formless! Edgy, provocative, compelling… not because it’s a pathway but because it’s the unsettled, feral essence of our potential being. It is not that we move through those conversations, it is more that we trek… and climb the rock faces that beckon… and make our way through the underwater caves, in the dark… with nothing but our inner truth to lead the way. For me, it has become a living expression of The Great Adventure that my life is! My life is destined to have so many more, of these!

In my experience of it, density and intensity are essential to accelerating manifestation. To be able to hold focus without distraction; to be able to coalesce all of the living force that I AM to flow through the energetic framework of the intention held by my body (not my intellect) – by the device that is directly connected to the Signal of Self – is what it takes.
Louise LeBrun

You've come a long way! That you're ready for Manifesting means:

  • you have explored your past and have awakend from the coma of habituation
  • you have chosen to let go of who you have been conditioned to be
  • you are ready to discover the power of the unique potential you are in the world, and
  • your desire to manifest and live your life authentically is now greater than your fear!

The time has come for you to explore and discover the unique Signal from Self that you are in the world and its expression in living your life, by design. The intention of Manifesting is to create a compelling future so powerful that it will pull you into its full expression. This process engages:

  • trusting yourSelf and the godforce that flows through you;
  • relaxed into a way of moving through your world that invites growth, potential and on-going evolution as a natural way of living;
  • recognizing the godforce in others and able to awaken its expression.


Open to all who have completed Engaging and Awakening Others and have completed the reading / listening list shown to the right.

Manifesting a Meaningful Life is an on-going invitation to existing Certified CODE Model Coaches™ and WEL-Systems Catalysts who have the desire to stay current with the ever-evolving WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge; and who wish to continue to grow, evolve, explore and discover new thoughts, ideas and ways to express their unique potential in the world - in their own lives and in their work with others.

Registration Process:

Contact Louise directly to explore your interest.
Your non-refundable deposit of $2000 will reserve your place.

For more information, be sure to visit CODE Model™ Coaching Certification Intensive.

Please contact us for additional details.