The Power of 10

The Power of 10: Patterns in Chaos

Charles and Ray Eames's "The Power of 10" video dramatically demonstrates patterns that repeat themselves from the infinitesimal to the cosmic. This pioneering video offers much for us to consider given what we've learned from chaos theory and quantum sciences in the past few decades.

Through a facilitated discussion, you will have the opportunity to become aware of how patterns pervade our lives at conscious and unconscious levels. We know that what goes on at microscopic levels in our bodies and at macroscopic levels in the stars also plays out at the scale of human life.

Have you noticed the patterns that are driving you?

Can you change them if you don't know what they are?

Consider patterns at many levels in the leading edge WEL-Systems® context and view patterns from new perspectives that can impact your view of life.

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  -  Fully Alive from 9 to 5! book providing a personal perspective on WEL-Systems, retail CDN$29.95