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Call to the Cultural Crones
Redefining Creation
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Entrepreneurial Women
Huna: Rediscovering
Your Higher Self
Redefined - Reclaimed
Power, Passion & Purpose
The Power of Permission:
The Wisdom of the Crones
Radical EVEoluion
Sekhmet Rising:
Daring to Awaken
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings: The Next Level
WEL-Systems: NLP
Whispers from Within
Women and Fear


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“Look around you. Seek each other out! Life with a posse will invite you to inhale much deeper into your Self; and propel you to exhale your Awakened Presence into a world desperate for your arrival! It will remind you to embrace the moment to call authenticity into your life, knowing that you will be safe”

Louise LeBrun

The Presenters

We live in times that call for rapid and pressing change. How might that look in your own life? You might surprise yourself at the depth of your own untapped courage and willingness to explore!

Opening Remarks/Welcome! ~ Louise LeBrun

Louise is a gifted and prolific thinker, writer, educator and speaker. Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the WEL-Systems® approach to accelerated evolution- including Quantum TLC™, The CODE Model™, CODE Model Coaching™, Evolution by Intention™ and Emerging Futures Retreats - she believes in the innate and intuitive genius we all carry; and is committed to engaging with others that they might come to know this about themselves.

Louise's background includes many years as a Trainer of NLP and hypnosis, guiding clients to certification at the Master Practitioner level. With a long-standing history in the NLP Community, Louise is an Honorary Lifetime Member of CANLP ( Canadian Association of NLP) and considered a leading thinker in the field of NLP. She is also a Reiki Master and Full Initiator in Hawaiian Huna with a passion for living and great compassion for those who desire to awaken to and engage a more meaningful life.

Louise firmly believes that the future of the world is in the hands of women. Hers is a voice that calls to women to awaken to their own potential and engage in designing, creating and living meaningful lives. She is deeply committed to working with women, particularly those who have the desire to work with others, in ways that will accelerate their capacity to live well, live large and be highly contagious while doing it.

Take a moment to visit Louise's exploration on The Journey to Radical.

To find out more about Louise, visit Meet the Founder

Noreen Mejias-Bennett ~ Topic 1: Radical Money!

NOREEN MEJIAS-BENNETT, MBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI, EPC, CSWP – Certified CODE Model Coach™. With her background in finance and wealth management, Noreen brings a unique perspective to the process of guiding people along an awakened journey of self-discovery and expansive, majestic living. We often believe that the most powerful currency in our reality is money, but Noreen offers an opportunity to consider that a far more potent currency is that of consciousness… our ability to engage rather than reflect; to live rather than talk about life; to "be" rather than "do". Noreen offers those who engage with her a much broader and more encompassing way to consider money, its presence and absences, and its implications for the quality of our lives.

Having invested extensively in her own personal development, Noreen has a deep understanding of what motivates people and believes whole-heartedly that everyone has a right to a fulfilling and life-enhancing future.

Noreen happily offers free consultations with prospective clients to determine if her approach, philosophy and objectives are a good match or a good fit with the client's needs and expectations.

Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 92 ~ Radical Money!:
duration = 63:37

To contact Noreen, send an email to

To discover more about Noreen, visit her WSI Affiliate listing

Cathy Saunders ~ Topic 2: Radical Community!

Cathy is passionate about interconnectivity and spends her life in the good company of others. With a deep desire to expand the opportunities and the contexts within which people come together to create their world, she is both astute about the needs of others and adept at ensuring that they become resourceful in their approaches to getting them met.

With 20 + years experience working in organizations, Cathy has developed her innate leadership and as a result, cultivated a deep desire to support leaders to lead in ways that create vibrant, meaningful, abundant and sustainable systems.

Cathy believes that we are each here to fully express our unique note in the symphony of life and, that it is NO longer enough to lament in our discoveries, rather, It IS TIME, to create a different world.

To contact Cathy directly, you may send her an email using:

To discover more about Cathy, visit her WSI Affiliate listing

Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 93 ~ Radical Community!:
duration = 64:39

Sheila Winter Wallace ~ Topic 3: Radical Wellbeing!

Sheila Winter Wallace – WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate; Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Master Facilitator and Full Initiator in ancient Hawaiian Huna – can be your guide on your journeys through your own potential. A Registered Nurse, an Ordained Minister and a gifted, compassionate and vastly experienced teacher, she has taught NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology. Long a student and practitioner of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Zero Balancing, Applied Kinesiology and Results Therapy, her versatility is one of her greatest gifts to her clients. A Reiki Master Teacher, Sheila has developed a vital approach to working with others based on her intuitive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and thought as energy systems that easily combine to create natural models for business, for well-being and for life! Sheila designs and facilitates educational programs for general, wellness and business audiences. She brings more than 30 years of diverse experience as a business owner to her programs.

Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 94 ~ Radical WellBeing!:
duration = 64:53

To get in touch with Sheila, send an email to:

To discover more about Sheila, visit her WSI Affiliate listing

Nancy Hanlon ~ Topic 4: Radical Choice!

Nancy Hanlon - is passionate about authentic conversation and movement that invites curiosity, and the awakening to the deep inner truth that lives inside. She is creator of Nancy Hanlon In Motion, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. She is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, Certified CODE Model Coach™, Registered Master Level Social Worker, Registered in Private Practice Clinical Social Work with NSASW, Nia Brown Belt and Green Belt Certified Instructor.

Nancy's unique background in health care, facilitation in adventure therapy and the dance/movement field has offered her a wealth of experiences. Her intention is to create conversation and movement experiences that are compelling and life transforming with individuals, families, couples and professionals, so that they know what it is to be creator of their own life.

Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 95 ~ Radical Choice!:
duration = 63:35

To contact Nancy directly, you may send her an email using:

To discover more about Nancy, visit her WSI Affiliate listing

Naomi Irons ~ Topic 5: Radical LeaderSelf!

Naomi Irons – is the creator of Conversations from Within in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, Certified WEL-Systems® CODE Model Coach™, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Doula and Certified Yoga Guide.

Naomi is passionate about discovering the depths of her own evolution as well as engaging with Others who hunger to know themselves well beyond the surface of who and what they have been taught to believe themselves to be. Naomi's enthusiasm lies in moving beyond the search, to discovering our inate willingness and ability to find within, that we as women are already whole and hold the organic potential, to birth very different worlds, that are as unique as we are.

Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 96 ~ Radical LeaderSelf!:
duration = 75:11

To get in touch with Naomi, send an email to:

To discover more about Naomi, visit her WSI Affiliate listing

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