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“Choose wisely who you spend your time with! Your conversations shape your reality. What you allow yourself to talk about, becomes the truth by which you live. Small conversations make for small lives.”

Louise LeBrun

Welcome to the First Day of Your New Beginnings!

In this safe, unique and intimate environment, you’ll have the opportunity to consider these five topics through the eyes of those who have chosen to go beyond the status quo; and who are living expressions of what’s possible when women take a stand for themselves, in the good company of other women who are willing to stand with them!

Topic 1: Radical Money! (Noreen Mejias-Bennett)

  • The ways that women make themselves small by virtue of what they do or don’t have in their bank account.
  • Their fear of money: of managing it, of what it represents in their lives, and the degree to which they allow their lives and sense of worth to be defined by their bank statements.
  • Confronting the issues around money and abundance and scarcity. Considering the question: "Am I willing to manifest abundance in my life and have it be sustainable?"
  • Asking: What’s next? Who do you become having embraced and dissolved those money challenges since you are so much MORE than your limitations and challenge?. What is your greater intention? What propels you to continue to create? What is the legacy you want to leave for others? Why are you here? What propels you to care?
Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 92 ~ Radical Money!:
duration = 63:37

Topic 2: Radical Community! (Cathy Saunders)

How do we define 'community' for ourselves? What's important about this conversation to us, as women, at this time? Whether a community of family and friends; of geographical neighbourhood, of work, of shared intention or function; of world or possibility ! In this conversatoin, Cathy invites women to come together and consider , beyond the details or the content of any community, the much larger, more potent and far more provocative exploration of the very process of ‘communing’ with others, that is the underpinning of our far greater creations!

What becomes possible if we were to gather in our families, our neighbourhoods, our workplaces....from the place where we are deeply committed, and both willing and able to create Communities that are built on the strengths, the unique and the diverse expression of the individuals? Who else might we become, as individuals and as collectives?

In this time, Cathy will introduce a larger intention for our notion of 'community''. You will be invited to pause and:

  • Reflect on your experience of alignment between what lives inside and what moves outside of you, when you consider ‘community’. Does your inner experience match your outer expression?
  • Consider what you hold to be true, real and relevant with regard to community… and then, consider again who else, how else and what else community might become were you to allow yourself and your experience to become greater than what you can already tolerate it to be.
  • Take a chance… and put aside what you think you know about community that you might discover from the considerations of another. As we face into the deeply rooted and rapidly changing world in which we live, we might do well to reconsider what this world of the future will require from us all – individually and as a much larger collective.
Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 93 ~ Radical Community!:
duration = 64:39

Topic 3: Radical Wellbeing! (Sheila Winter Wallace)

What does it mean to be well? What are the indicators that we are or that we are not? And how do we determine the path for ourselves that honours the unique expression of who we are and who we choose to become? The pressures are many and great to succumb to an allopathic, mechanistic and pharmaceutical approach to tending to our physical and mental discomforts. But what about our Spiritual wellbeing? And what of the journey of the evolving Soul?

With an extensive background in both allopathic and alternative health, Sheila will guide you through a journey of discovery, opportunity and possibility as it presents for body, mind and Spirit. You'll have the opportunity to reconsider:

  • What does wellbeing look like, feel like and sound like in your world?
  • What does it take to be willing to move beyond the right thing to do, to doing the thing that is right for you!
  • How up-do-date are you about what the body is, how it works and what becomes possible when we awaken to a higher order of expression of our Being?
  • What are the essential reclamations that, when embraced, can redirect not only how we choose to live but our great desire to do so!
Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 94 ~ Radical Wellbeing!:
duration = 64:53

Topic 4: Radical Choice! (Nancy Hanlon)

In a world that revolves around conditioning, habit and the willingness and ability to meet expectations of others, what part does 'choice' play in our lives? As you move through your day, how often do you pause... and consider: "Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to be doing? Is this who I am choosing to be, in my life?" So fast is the pace at which we live and so heavy are the obligations of our day-to-day reality, do we ever really stop to consider:" Am I living the life I choose to live or the one I think I'm stuck with?"

A Brown Belt Nia Instructor and Master of Movement in her own reality, Nancy will offer a more powerful framework from which to make the choices, that produce the behaviours, that determine the quality of your life! In your time with Nancy, you'll consider:

  • How much of my life is habit and how much is a mindful, meaningful choice?
  • What does it take to live a mindful and meaningful life? And how willing and able am I to make the choices that will take me there?
  • What are the implications of choosing to live differently when so many around me benefit greatly from the life I live now? Will they still want me in their lives?
  • What possibilities enter into your awareness when you consider: "How else might I choose to live my life, today?
Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 95 ~ Radical Choice!:
duration = 63:35

Topic 5: Radical LeaderSelf! (Naomi Irons)

Much time, attention, reward and punishment is directed at ensuring that we are 'responsible' members of society; of our communities; of a larger whole. We are taught to believe that our personal intentions and interests must take a back seat to the needs of the many. And yet, when we look around at the world we've collaborated in the creation of, we find ourselves wondering: how did this happen? And what do I do now!

In your time with Naomi, you'll be introduced to the unique, compelling and propelling alternative paradigm of leadership for and with women: the boundless LeaderSelf. Grounded in a WEL-Systems perspective, you'll experience the power of this porcess through Naomi as its living expression, in tissue. Through language and thought, you'll be invited to explore the boundless LeaderSelf as:

  • An opportunity for women to reclaim the deeply intuitive, intimate and messy nature of the way they create! Whether baking cookies or designing a reality, the 'neat and tidy' requirements of the intellect give way to the vastly more creative and compelling invitations of the body to be whole, unique and complete in its expressions!
  • An expression of the degree to which we, as women, are bound to that which we create. It is the essence of our being to create (birth) and tend to that which we have brought into being. To create (birth) and abandon - as we so frequently witness in our world - takes us down a path that is neither sustainable nor resilient in the face of a constantly-changing world.
  • A reclamation of the deeply personal and unique expressions of our being that are essential to the creation of our unique and meaningful world! The dance of affecting our world is sourced from that much deeper inner truth that calls to us to be ourSelves; and in so doing, the world changes.
Listen to Reclaiming Your Self ~
Episode 96 ~ Radical LeaderSelf!:
duration = 75:11

Every women - regardless of age, education, economics, religion, social standing, etc. - lives a life that is touched, daily, by these consideration. Rather than take each separately and hold them as separate, Radical EVEolution will recognize the natural weave of their expressions - their intersecting points and flow through the tapestry of what it is to be Woman in our world, today - and invite you to consider, reconsider and redesign your life! Not tomorrow, next week, or next year... but here with all of us, today, in the good company of each other!

Women taking a stand for themselves in the good company of other women who stand with them. Such is the potential magic of this day

Ottawa Registration Closes May 23rd