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Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged! explores the things that matter most to women. Drawing on a WEL-Systems® approach to accelerated evolution, Louise and her guests pave the way to discovering and listening to that inner voice - the one that each of us has - that can guide us through life if we just choose to listen!

No matter where you are in the world, you can now be part of some of the most powerful conversations women can find!

Reclaiming Your Self offers inspiration, motivation and the practical frameworks that make the seemingly impossible become your daily reality. Designed for the average woman who knows that her inner truth is beyond the life she’s living, this hour of exploration, conversation and discovery is intended to move you past the barriers of your own limitations and propel you into reclaiming the life you know is yours to live.

Every week is a different conversation with Women Unedited and Engaged in seeking their own personal evolution; and those who have chosen to work with other women on their journeys. Your host, Louise LeBrun, is a provocative and compelling facilitator committed to ensuring that you leave these conversations with both the willingness and the ability to engage more meaningfully and more powerfully on your own behalf.

Consider what you think about the things that touch women, profoundly:  our bodies, minds and spirits; our parents, our partners and our children; our work, contribution and commitments; and our inner world - far too long left to linger at the bottom of our own lists!  Now consider how you can rethink it all!  Pulling out the stops of history and habit; and moving away from the self-imposed boundaries of scarcity, limitation and fear, buckle up for a ride that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next one!

It is now widely accepted that before we can change our lives, we must first change the way we perceive our lives.

The WEL-Systems® approach, developed by Louise LeBrun,  offers a proven pathway to access a context for change that will do just that: profoundly alter the way you see your 'self', your world and the way you move through that world.

Human beings are living expressions of the godforce in flow through tissue, expressing in a physical universe!

The WEL-Systems approach recognizes the inherent power of the individual and makes it possible for our clients to access that inner power, as required. Without this awareness, the only alternative is to look outside yourself for solutions to problems that live inside you. The WEL-Systems approach allows you to live your life shaping your world rather than being a victim to 'reality' or investing your life in fighting against it!

Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged! will combine provocative explorations with Louise; spellbinding explorations with women who have awakened to their Authentic Self and are living profoundly different lives; and invitationss for you to connect with Louise and her guests via the Engage section of the Institute website... not to get advice or answers but to seek out and explore the much larger, more compelling and more powerful questions that will awaken YOUR inner truth.  Discover how to navigate by the stars of that inner truth in the design of your own meaningful life.

WEL-Systems® is a registered trademark of Louise LeBrun

Your Host - Louise LeBrun

“...the fiercest and the kindest person I have ever met.” "Edgy.... raw.... powerful!" “Riveting!” “The information is awesome!”

Just some of the things that women have to say about their experience with Louise LeBrun.  Profoundly committed to her own evolution as the gateway to supporting other women in theirs, Louise has been transforming lives for more than 25 years.  Always ready to walk where there are no paths; and to speak what for too long has lingered in the coma of silence, you can’t ask for a more solid, experienced and compelling presence as you undertake the journey of your own evolution.

Creator of the life-altering WEL-Systems® approach to change - and Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute - Louise’s life has been dedicated to discovering the secrets of living an abundant and meaningful life.  Her own journey began more than 40 years ago and along the way has included the paths of mastery and trainer of NLP and Hypnosis; Reiki Master and Full Initiator in Huna, the practices of the Ancient Hawaiians; as well as many other and varied forays into the world of the New Science and the works of Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, Tad James, Serge Kahili King, Lynn Andrews... to name but a few.

In 1990, Louise started her first company (Partners in Renewal) that has evolved into the WEL-Systems Institute.  The Institute is the Certification body for CODE Model Coaching™ - a process akin to midwifery for the birthing Soul.  For more than 20 years, the WEL-Systems approach has been quietly transforming lives, under-promising and over-delivering on the  profound and generative change that so many women are seeking.

In 2006, Louise made a decision to devote herself to working with women.  A strong believer that “The future of the world is in the hands of women.” (Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General), her willingness to be clear, open, honest and direct in her exchanges with women, in a context of respect, integrity and generosity of spirit (RIG) is changing lives.

Author of five books and more than 35 unique CD packages, no conversation is off-limits, no curiosity or enquiry too intense or uncomfortable.  Louise’s belief is that women are innately and intuitively strong, courageous and willing to engage.  Her willingness and ability to do so with power and grace will be your invitation to discover that, within yourself.

Discover more about Louise’s work by exploring her books, CD’s and program experiences.

To find out more about Louise, see The Founder page

From March 2010 to June 2011, 69 Episodes were produced. 
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Starting in February 2013, new episodes are released
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