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Reclaiming Your Self Episode Date Title Guests
1 10/ 3/11 Women Waking Up! Amy McNaughton, Lisa J. Weiss, Sheila Winter Wallace
2 10/3/18 Coming Out of the Shadows Sheila Winter Wallace
3 10/3/ 25 Finding Your Voice Naomi Irons
4 10/4/1

Women Shaping Culture

Amy McNaughton
5 10/4/8 Perfect Life – Still Dying Lisa Jordan Weiss
6 10/4/15 Pain: Invitations to a Better Life? Anita Allen
7 10/4/22 Burden of Silence: Violence in the Home Marie Smith
8 10/4/8 Bankruptcy: Tapping In When You’re Tapped Out! Sheila Winter Wallace
9 10/05/06 Creating Life-enhancing Workplaces Kae Roberts
10 10/05/13 Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth Naomi Irons
11 10/05/20 Guided Reflection for Accelerated Evolution: Invite and Allow
12 10/05/27 Pain and Illness: A CODE Model™ Perspective Anita Allen
13 10/06/03 Evoking Potential with Our Children Susan Bremner
14 10/06/10 Women, Depression and Drugs Sarah Witherell
15 10/06/17 Living Free of Anxiety Lisa LeBrun
16 10/06/24 A Life Free of Crohn’s Karina Evangelista
17 10/07/01 Carving Out a Meaningful Life Noreen Mejias-Bennett
18 10/07/08 Redefining Cancer: The Invitation to Live! Sandra Heron
19 10/07/15 Military Wives: A Different Conversation Amy McNaughton
20 10/07/22 Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings
21 10/07/29 PTSD: Getting Your Life Back! Angela Burton
22 10/08/05 Finding Your Self Without Losing Others Lisa Jordan Weiss
23 10/08/12 Living a Paradigm Shift Audrey Buchanan, Melissa Owoc
24 10/08/19 The Currency of Consciousness Noreen Mejias-Bennett
25 10/08/26 Midwifery for the Birthing Soul – Part 1 Lisa Jordan Weiss, Naomi Irons, Sheila Winter Wallace, Amy McNaughton
26 10/09/02 Midwifery for the Birthing Soul – Part 2 Lisa Jordan Weiss, Naomi Irons, Sheila Winter Wallace, Amy McNaughton
27 10/09/09 Divorce: Re-Awakening to Our Potential Stephanie Nelson
28 10/09/16 Parenting for the Birthright of Potential Anita Allen, Ray Landry, Lucy Hensel
29 10/09/23 BSI: Engaging Body, Energy and Self for a Life of Wellbeing Sheila Winter Wallace
30 10/09/30 Fertility and Infertility: A Question of Wholeness
Guest Host: Lisa J. Weiss
Naomi Irons
31 10/10/07 Co-Parenting After Divorce Claire Harris
32 10/10/14 Infertility: Metaphors and Messages for Creation? Lisa Jordan Weiss
33 10/10/21 The Men in our Lives Ray Landry
34 10/10/28 The Power of our Birth Language
Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss
Beata Hart, Guylda Lavoie
35 10/11/04 Creating Change in School Leona McIsaac Moran
36 10/11/11 BVA’s in the Workplace Kae Shelby Roberts
37 10/11/18 21st Century Huna Sheila Winter Wallace
38 10/11/25 Authenticity in the Workplace
Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss
Angela Burton, Claire Harris
39 10/12/02 Holiday Season Savvy Raina McDonald, Naomi Irons, Noreen Mejias-Bennett.
40 10/12/09 Being Selfish
Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss
Naomi Irons
41 10/12/16 Families: Hope, habit and beyond! Audrey Buchanan, Melissa Owoc, Stephanie Nelson
42 10/12/23 Out of the Shadows Sheila Winter Wallace
43 10/12/30 Clearing Space for New Beginnings  
44 11/01/06 Penetrating Cultural Coma Naomi Irons, Kae Shelby Roberts
45 11/01/13 WEL-Systems:NLP – The Power of Perspective Sheila Winter Wallace
46 11/01/20 Signals Dancing™: Accelerating Evolution  
47 11/01/27 Chaos and Order: Forces of Creation Anita Allen
48 11/02/03 Women and Rage! Lisa Weiss,Stephanie Nelson, Claire Harris
49 11/02/10 Voices and Choices: Re-birth for Women Naomi Irons
50 11/02/17 Women, Leadership and Executive Coaching Linda Nixon
51 11/02/24 Birthing a New Paradigm
Guest Host: Naomi Irons
Raina McDonald, Angela Arbuckle.
52 11/03/03 Power, Passion and Purpose: The Edge of Potential Lisa Weiss, Naomi Irons, Stephanie Nelson
53 11/03/10 Whispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery Sheila Winter Wallace, Linda Roberts, CC Lawhon
54 11/03/17 Tribal Awakening: Healing and Reclamation of the Indigenous Spirit Diane Hill
55 11/03/24 Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Conscious Parenting
Guest Host: Naomi Irons
Angela Burton, Ella-Jean Schatzmann
56 11/03/31 Compromise: Virtue or Vice? Naomi Irons, Sheila Winter Wallace
57 11/04/07 Decloak, Engage and Manifest! Audrey Buchanan
58 11/04/14 Alzheimer’s: A Personal Journey Lorna LeBrun
59 11/04/21 Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Intimately Reclaiming Yourself
Guest Host: Naomi Irons
Lisa J Weiss, Angela Burton
60 11/04/28 Death and Dying: Reconsidering the Inevitable Journey Sheila Winter Wallace
61 11/05/05 Standing Alone
Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss
Ella-Jean Schatzmann, Brandi LaRochelle
62 11/05/12 Explorers in A New World
Guest Host: Sheila Winter Wallace
Brandi Larochelle, Marie José Raymond
63 11/05/19 Birthing a New Paradigm ~ The Mother Daughter Dance
Guest Host: Naomi Irons
Holly Irons
64 11/05/26 Moving beyond a sound-byte life! Sheila Winter Wallace, Lisa Weiss, Naomi Irons
65 11/06/02 Mental Health: A new view from a different window Ella-Jean Schatzmann, Nancy Hanlon
66 11/06/09 Creating Change in School – Part 2 Leona McIsaac Moran, Anita Allen
67 11/06/16 MS: A Turn of the Kaleidoscope Eva Marsh
68 11/06/23 Evolution by Intention: Designing a Life Noreen Mejias-Bennett, Kae Roberts
69 11/06/30

Endings and New Beginnings: In conversation with Louise LeBrun
Guest Host: Naomi Irons

Louise LeBrun

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