Come to the edge ...

he said.
They said, "We are afraid".
"Come to the edge", he said.
They came. He pushed them ...
And they flew.


A New Way of Being

CODE Model Coach™ Certification

The WEL-Systems Institute is a world leader in original, life-altering and generative change experiences of accelerated consciousness and personal evolution. The Institute is at the core of an evolving global collective, built on the strength of the individual and a desire to further evolve in the company of others on this powerful journey of awakened presence.

We invite you to read our Declaration of Evolution by Intention™ to become familiar with and engage the higher levels of thinking that shape what is already manifesting.

Awaken to their own unique potential and its full expression in their daily lives;
Embrace redefining our humanity and its expression through the magnificent Quantum Biological Human™ that we are; and
Let go of the long-held, historical and incomplete expression of ourselves through a Newtonian, allopathic model that we now know is incomplete.

We are stepping into a variety of ways to create this reality.

We specialize in integrating ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science - the Newtonian with the Quantum and the allopathic with the autopoietic, mindfully and magically combining that which is sensed with that which is extra-sensory - to continuously expand the WEL-Systems body of knowledge and its application.

Our coaches combine traditional techniques (Reiki, Huna, NLP, hypnosis, bioenergetics, etc.) with the life-altering WEL-Systems framework for change, to expand their lives and the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

We recognize that all meaning is context dependent and offer this powerful, new WEL-Systems context that raises your thinking about any 'problem' or challenge to a higher level; creates an experience of RIG (Respect, Integrity and Generosity of Spirit) for self and other; and recognizes the requirements of the bottom-line. The WEL-Systems body of knowledge is a pathway to a new paradigm for the 21st Century. Along the way, each of its unique models is a stepping stone that moves you closer to your destination: the gateway to the new paradigm for the 21st Century - the Awakened Quantum Biological Human.

In that moment - in that single breath - it is yours for the taking!

CODE Model Coach™ Certification Process

CODE Model Coaching™ is not a practice or a technique - it's a way of being. It's an experience that is grounded in a new paradigm that becomes the invitation for self and other to continue to grow, evolve and access human potential in ways that translate to practical living and a heightened quality of human experience. Emerging from original and cutting-edge information and experience grounded in the latest thinking of what a human being is; and supported by the application of discoveries in the field of Quantum Biology ...

CODE Model Coaching calls to the greatness in us and both welcomes and appreciates it in others.

CODE Model Coaching is a life-altering and generative change experience that begins with the 'presenting problem' - be it physical, emotional, individual, corporate, etc. - and embraces its potential to become the start-point on a much more expansive and life-enhancing journey of accelerated personal evolution. Rather than seeking to 'fix' the problem, CODE Model Coaching uses the 'problem' as the first step in accessing the authentic expression of Self. More like a process of midwifery for the soul... recognizing that we instinctively know how to give birth to our own potential...

CODE Model Coaches know how to be present without interfering; and how to engage while honoring the natural genius of the body. In the ensuing unveiling of authentic presence, the problem disappears.

For far too long, we have relied solely on the intellect to press forward in the experience of our own evolution. When we found ourselves sorely disappointed by the results, we looked in another direction and sought to find what we are seeking in the search of the spiritual. As human beings, we long to connect deeply and profoundly with ourselves and with others, knowing that it is this capacity for connection that awakens our sense of trust and repels the fear that keeps us from being all that we can be. We now live in a time when that thirst for the 'more' that we instinctively know ourselves to be has become intense. We are discovering that we are both willing and able to do what it takes to make that connection available to us and the people we care about.

Consider the invitation into your own evolution ...

The CODE Model Coaching Certification process is not for everyone. It is a highly defined process that is, at the same time, very open to change. It is designed to both accelerate and expand access to potential while ensuring ability to continue to engage effectively with others. The process offers huge amounts of new information (as well as familiar information positioned in new ways) in a way that demands participation of a full body response and not just that of the intellect. Each stage of the intuitively designed experiences completes and satisfies one level of curiosity and performance while having that same experience become the platform for the next layer of curiosity and discovery.

A never-ending, iterative process, the Certification stream is designed for and intended to be a living example of what it is to live in a way that invites and allows perpetual growth and accelerated evolution.

This process is for those who are both seeking and willing to engage! It is not enough to desire to know more - that can be accomplished through books and audio materials, all of which are part of this process. The willingness and ability to engage fully and without the fear that is an impediment to growth - both for self and with others - is pressed to its edges, time and again, during this experience. With each new challenge will come an awareness of your depth of courage, stamina, sense of play and sheer joy of being in the human experience! For someone who has the desire to work effectively with others, these are essential qualities for making a difference AND staying well, ourselves.

CODE Model Coaching is personal. But then, being human is personal, too. The CMC Certification stream will offer you the knowledge and practical experience to discover how to integrate the personal and the professional, the intellect and the body, the secular and the sacred. This process will invite you to come face-to-face with yourself, in all the magnificence of your imperfection, that you may come to be this safe place for your clients to do that for themselves. In that moment, potential explodes and willingness to create and manifest that which is meaningful is greatly enhanced. How else can we expect to lead others to their greatest potential if we are unable to claim it in ourselves? We cannot give what we haven't go.

We live in a time that cries out for a new way of moving through the world and engaging with others. We now recognize the limited capacity of the logical, rational, linear, thinking intellect and are seeking to find ways to open ourselves to those deeper structures of intuition and self-trust that allow us to make the quantum leaps that our world is hungry for. Quantum leaps will not come from the intellect. They must come from a sense of proficiency and easy comfort with those deeper structures of mind that we all know to be present and yet, for many, cause us to retreat in fear. Particularly in the domain of Leadership, what we require will not be shaped by the intellect alone.

The CODE Model Coach Certification process is designed to meet your unique and individual interests. For that reason, each process is shaped specifically to the individual, with a series of modules that are common to all, integrated with a range of intensives selected to accelerate results and maximize potential outcomes for the specific interests of each individual participant

CODE Model Coaching is ...

more like a process of midwifery for the soul...

recognizing that we instinctively know

how to give birth to our own potential.

The CODE Model Coach Certification process unfolds in two distinct phases.

Phase I

Common to all is the basic journey through Decloaking and Living Authentically and Engaging and Awakening Others. Each of these 5-day intensives will awaken, challenge, motivate and propel you to an acceleration of your own evolution. Once this journey is complete, not only will your life have been powerfully transformed, you'll have an opportunity to stand again and reconsider your desire to engage in the CODE Model Coaching Certification process. Because this is a living process, designed to weave through your life as it unfolds, we respect your right to change your mind.

Phase II

After completing Phase 1, you will have had the opportunity to discover, engage and live your own life from the powerful WEL-Systems approach to accelerated change. Once you're certain about your ongoing desire to work with others in their accelerated evolution in your capacity as a Certified CODE Model Coach™, your next steps include:

  • Manifesting a Meaningful Life - six days to guide you through a process of identifying and claiming the unique Signal of Self that you are in a physical world; and discovering how to become the change you seek in others and in your world. During this powerful, life-altering and intense experience, you'll be joined by other women who are engaging this process for first time as well as those for whom this experience has become an annual event! In a small group of no more than eight, you'll discover how quickly manifestation can occur!
  • CODE Model Coaching Intensive - a three day practicum reserved exclusively for those who are on this Certification journey or who are already Certified CODE Model Coaches seeking to accelerate their results. Designed to offer life-expanding knowledge and the wisdom that comes with experience, you'll be invited into the 'deep end of the pool' with The CODE Model and the unique process of CODE Model Coaching as a powerful conduit for accelerated change. (Completion of this process is followed by a four-hour closed book exam for Certification on Day 4.)

Are you ready to discover more?

Consider the CODE Model Coaching™ audio material:

No two people are exactly the same ...

For this reason, no two CODE Model Coach Certification processes are exactly the same. Given your interests and intentions, your unique process can be supplemented with additional retreat experiences that will profoundly expand and accelerate your own evolution.

This will serve you well as you move forward in engaging with others in an expanded capacity to relax into and claim the unique genius of us all!
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