Come to the edge ...

he said.
They said, "We are afraid".
"Come to the edge", he said.
They came. He pushed them ...
And they flew.


Meet The Guardian of the Vision

Stela Murrizi

Certified CODE Model Coach™ | WEL-Systems® Educator | Evolution of Consciousness Thought Leader | Educational Speaker | Yoga Teacher | MA Criminology | Mother & Wife

An accidental meeting was Stela’s introduction to the WEL-Systems® Institute and its unique, life-altering approach to accelerated human evolution. With a curious mind and a courageous Spirit, she began a journey of exploring all that was available to her, embracing the potential and applying it to her own life along the way.

With a long, varied and challenging history of personal demons, her new framework for evolution was successful in her choosing to move away from drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts, behavioural disorders, (to name but a few) to become the powerful presence that she is today.

With a Masters Degree in Criminology, Stela knows well the pain ...

The pain that lives for those who are most challenged to find, within themselves, the resourcefulness and the resilience to design a meaningful life of their choosing... and engage! Now a highly-effective Facilitator of the WEL-Systems® Signature Programs, her impact on the lives of others sources her own perpetual evolution; and fuels her ever-increasing desire to engage with others for their evolution, inviting courage to take the lead in the creation of their lives.

Meet Stela Murrizi

A deeply caring and compassionate woman who is equally ferocious and courageous, Stela thrives in the deep conversations that reveal the complexity of our humanity and allow us to reclaim sovereignty in our lives.

She has lived in the darkness and alchemized the pain into joy.

She has what it takes to stand with you… unafraid… as you face into your own deepest, darkest secrets.

Stela's destiny lives in her

Unwavering commitment to her own evolution
and supporting others, in theirs.

Hers is a vision that encompasses a broad spectrum of gateways for change, grounded in the unique and powerful WEL-Systems® body of Wisdom. Her unwavering commitment to her own evolution has put her on a path that includes holding the intention of the WEL-Systems® Institute and all of its offerings, as her own.

With the passage of time comes the recognition that all things must evolve or die.

In Stela’s good hands, the Institute will continue to evolve and, through its resources, become what will be an essential and compelling invitation to cherish human potential and dare to provoke its full expression in the lives of the many. In her deepest intentions, the Institute will continue to flourish.

Why Stela?

You once asked me, “Why me?”

The WEL-Systems® Institute stands as both the beacon for a transformational life and the repository of the requisite resources to provide access to an accelerated journey of personal evolution for its own sake. For more than 30 years, its evolution has been my life’s work and as such, provokes in me explorations for its ongoing presence and evolution that it might stand as a living expression of all that it represents.

When I anticipate my own departure and contemplate the next layers of the unfolding of the vision of the Institute, I seek to pave the way for what will be required to ensure the Institute remains true to its original intention; and both relevant and accessible to those who are ready to move beyond solving a problem to transforming a life. For this, a woman deeply rooted in the ‘now’ of her Being with a keen eye for an ever-expanding future is required. I see in you this capacity. I see in you the willingness and ability; the spine and the courage to take an unwavering stand for the truth that is essential to your own ongoing evolution. Rare, indeed….

As I bear witness to your interactions with others, I see and hear: authenticity…. courage… truth… compassion… RIG for you and for others… clarity of intent… and a deep respect for both the context and process that the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge allows for and provokes.

I feel and greatly value and appreciate your recognition of my presence in your life and its contribution. In that, I am deeply moved. And beyond that, I know and trust that the essence of your Being is to BE that with all who cross your path.

I trust. I trust that you will follow your own inner cues and take the journey where it leads you . That you will be your remarkable Self. I do not ask that you repeat what/how/who I have been. I don’t know what this body of knowledge and all of its layers will look like in your greatly capable hands; I don’t know if I would recognize it or not… and truth be told, however it presents… whatever journey you go on with it… it will be powerful, inclusive, filled with RIG for yourSelf and others. Rare indeed… and what more could I possibly ask for?

Why you? Because you are outrageous! You LOVE the deep dive… the darker waters… and trust that the Promised Land lives, at the end of the journey. Your ease with and passion for the density and intensity of LIFE, living, oozes out of every pore! Rare, indeed….

You are a BEAST of a Goddess! Were I to face my greatest fears… or my greatest foe… I would want to know you stand at my side, with me, in so doing.

Stela, you are Whole, Unique and Essential to your world… and that of many others. You are capable of brilliance in embracing, acknowledging and sharing the wisdom of your own experience and the boundless discovery that it offers us all. You are an exceptionally powerful writer! You find, intuitively, the path through the potential of all words and lay down only the ones that will create an invitation for others to walk their own. A gift of great measure.

It is not that I am eager to die… and I am eager to do all that I can to ensure expansion and evolution of potential! It has, after all, been what brought meaning into my life. And I know that my Life has been a charmed one and could, at any moment, be complete. I would be at peace with that. And I would be joyfully so knowing that my Life’s creation rests in the mindful and considered intentions of your own authentic Self. In the weeks/months to come, it is my intention to engage with you so that you become comfortable with all that might entail. And when that Flame passes to you, it will not scorch your Life in any way. My intention in entrusting this to you is that you might always feel the warmth of what it can bring into your life.

It is with my deepest gratitude that you have come into my Life. I know that when my time comes, my children are in the good care of each other; my little Grandchildren are in the good care of their parents and extended families; and my Life’s work… that which has fueled my existence for over 30 years… is with you.

It is with gratitude and greatest of RIG that I thank you for being willing to BE the Guardian of the Vision for the many decades to come.

Louise LeBrun

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