Come to the edge ...

he said.
They said, "We are afraid".
"Come to the edge", he said.
They came. He pushed them ...
And they flew.


Meet the Founder

Louise LeBrun

When life-altering experiences are created and facilitated,
lives are transformed.

For close to 30 years, Louise LeBrun has been instrumental in transforming the lives of real people.  A provocative, compelling and visionary thinker, writer, speaker, educator and coach, Louise is the Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and author of several books, audio programs, articles and podcasts that will take you to the edge of your own awareness… and beyond!

"Transformation requires safety, science and a touch of the sacred.
Anything less, and what we get is incremental change."

Louise is the creator of the startlingly effective WEL-Systems® approach to accelerated evolution - a gateway to the paradigm shift for the 21st Century: Quantum TLC™, The CODE Model™ and CODE Model Coaching™.

Her background includes many years as an NLP Trainer, guiding clients to certification at the Master Practitioner level. With a long-standing history in the NLP Community, Louise is an Honorary Lifetime Member of CANLP (Canadian Association of NLP) and considered a leading thinker in the field of NLP.  She is also a Reiki Master and Full Initiator in Hawaiian Huna with a passion for living and great compassion for those who desire to awaken to and engage a more meaningful life.

Louise firmly believes that the future of the world is in the hands of women. Hers is a voice that calls to women to awaken to their Boundless LeaderSelf™ and engage in designing, creating and living more meaningful lives.

Louise is deeply committed to working with those women who have the desire to work with others; in ways that will accelerate their capacity to live well, live large and be highly contagious while doing it.

WEL-Systems-based experiences are not trainings or courses. They are profoundly life-altering events, unique to the people who choose to be in them, unfolding within the context of the theme. The primary consideration in all of these experiences is to make sure that the space within which they unfold is safe at all levels – physical, behavioral and emotional.

Original and cutting-edge thinking is not a linear process. Nor has Louise's journey of personal evolution been one that came through expected and anticipated channels.

The power behind the development of the WEL-Systems body of knowledge – a cutting-edge and profoundly life-altering approach to growth, evolution and awakened consciousness – was Louise's willingness to trust and move into all that others were trained to disregard and move away from. Through addictions and a nervous breakdown to job changes (to name but a few!), Louise's way of moving through the world had no previous path to follow. What was left was to carve out one on her own.

Having jobs, getting ahead, paying the bills and becoming an ever-growing consumer eventually lost its luster. With a background in client services, communication, human resources and organizational change, Louise was well-equipped to engage with others. Her natural and instinctive interest in the world around her resulted in her always being a voracious reader. Years of self-taught development came from audio programs, books and videos, bringing into her awareness much that she had no idea even existed. Her 'virtual' mentors included people like Wayne Dyer, Bernie Segal and Anthony Robbins. She sought out personal experiences with some of the best minds in the world in their field, at the time – people like Deepak Chopra, Anne Wilson-Schaef and Diane Fassel, Serge Kahili King and Laura Kealoha Yardley, and Tad James. This eclectic mix just gave her a taste for more!

Louise soon realized that what she was looking for did not exist 'out there' and that she would need to seek 'in here' to discover what would not let her rest until found.

Along the way, Louise was profoundly touched by and drawn to the work of Lynn Andrews - world-renowned shaman, mystic and teacher of the esoteric traditions - and Dr. Bruce Lipton, award-winning cell biologist and human being extraordinaire! Lynn's work guided her to discover a solid platform for her own personal power; and Bruce's work gave her permission to trust what she instinctively knew to be the truth of her own experience. Each of these icons in their field has written an extensive Foreword for Louise's original work in the new Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth; and Phoenix Rising: The Freeing of Human Potential. As with all things in life, the circle has completed itself.

Today, the results of this ceaseless journey of discovery are evidenced by the startlingly powerful WEL-Systems® body of knowledge - a gateway to that ever-elusive paradigm shift for the 21st Century.  The original and cutting-edge books, audio materials, articles, podcasts and blog are intended as easily-accessible provocations for meaningful conversations about the things that matter to the people she comes in contact with.

What Louise discovered long ago is that it's never about the conversation,
it's always about the people willing to have them.

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