Come to the edge ...

he said.
They said, "We are afraid".
"Come to the edge", he said.
They came. He pushed them ...
And they flew.


Let your Signal Guide you...

Self Directed Evolution

These are turbulent times.  All around us - and in our own lives - change is happening faster, more frequently and with greater intensity.

The potential to derail us is rising.  Self Directed Evolution offers you a gateway to those first steps to becoming more resilient and resourceful in stressful times.   Your choice, in your own time, at a price you can manage.

 “In such chaotic times, it is imperative to let go of what has been and move into the next layer of my own evolution. I recognize that agility of mind to shape and reshape perceptions and attending choices, is essential to navigating these challenges, living fully and living well. I encourage you to consider that for yourself.”

~ Louise LeBrun

This was a magical moment for me and because of that, my life is different.

You stayed present to what was moving through me and my boundary. Your willingness, and fearlessness, helped me and I want people to know that.

Karina Evangelista

Here's how it works

Browse the Audios

Browse through the audio products below and choose the one that most piques your interest.  Trust your body to help you make the choice. 

Dive in!

Purchase and download the audio files and begin to listen.  We recommend you do so while your body is in motion, doing other things (like walking, running, vacuuming, reorganizing, etc… busy yet mindless tasks).  When something captures your attention, make note of it so that you can revisit at will.  We recommend a journal and pen… allowing your body to feel your hand gliding across the page… knowing that an insight has emerged and your attention may be required to revisit and reconsider the gift that it is for your evolution.

Feel the Wave

As you listen, should you feel sensations; feel a wave of emotion begin to move through your body, remember to pause... breathe deeply… relaxing your belly and your shoulders… and allow the wave of intelligence to move through your nervous system.  Once digested, your body will calm and you can continue.  (Visit Triggering Life Choices: What is QuantumTLC™ ? for a deeper understanding of the wave.) 

There is Always More

Keep in mind that you may want to revisit the audio material more than once.  As you listen and your body awakens to insights, listening a second time (or a third!) will allow you to hear different things.  For every wave of discovery experienced, your body clears the way for the next ones to have the Space into which to flow.  Evolution is a process, reflecting a state of invitational Being, and need never end.

Explore the Wave

Layers of Discovery

Layers of Discovery

Memory Lane - The line in the sand

Space, Movement and Flow: The Next Wave

Glowing ball in tree reflecting the power to design a life

The Power to Design a Life

Light shining through forest as triggering life choices and what is Quantum TLC

Triggering Life Choices: What is QuantumTLC™ ?

Tealight glowing as you commit to 90 seconds to change your world

Commit: 90 Seconds to Change Your World

Keys to a Bigger Life


Follow the impulse.

Let yourself know the truth of your own experience.

Stay in the tough conversations - with yourself and others.

Be willing to stand alone.

Shape or be shaped by your world.

~ Louise LeBrun

Ready for a more expansive experience?

Once you have listened to the audio material, you can deepen your discovery by participating in a facilitated experience to explore your questions, insights and expanded interests.  Connect with a Certified CODE Model Coach™ / Guide and explore how they can support you on your journey of personal evolution.

Taking the next step!

  • 2-hour ZOOM conversation - Each Guide offers a facilitated 2-hour, small group ZOOM conversation for those who have completed an audio exploration and want to know more or have their questions explored.
  • Flexible scheduling - These small group events are scheduled as the interest for them emerges from your curiosity.
  • Ask for what you want - When what you’ve listened to provokes your desire for more, contact one of our Guides and let them know what you’re interested in.  As you make the choice to expand into those interests, they will structure a small group exploration to support you in your continuing journey.


This is money well-spent for a directed, focused dive into your particular needs and interests.  And - BONUS! - should you choose to engage further in one of their event/program offerings, your $99 will be applied as a credit toward that next experience.

Bottom line?  You can’t lose.  Your choice… your timing… at a fraction of the cost.
Whatever your choice, a skilled and compassionate CODE Model Coach™ / Guide can be there with you, whenever you choose to make that happen.

You decide how far, how fast and how deep you want to go.

My body feels hugged by a new vibration of deep silence and inner peace.

Thank you again! My body feels hugged by a new vibration of deep silence and inner peace, like a lake when it looks like glass early in the morning. 

Tessa Rae

Your First Step

Browse the listings below and choose where you want to start.

Purchase the digital download and start whenever you’re ready!   Let your intuition lead the way.

If you’re not sure where to start, email the Guide of your choice to explore that important first selection.

You really don’t have to do it alone.
When you find your Tribe, life explodes with potential!

If you have an Apple device, consider this.

If you are a coach, therapist or healer, consider these.

If you want to start with the full meal deal, consider this.

If you're exploring your evolution as a woman, consider these.

If you’re in search of your Boundless LeaderSelf™.

If you're ready to face your fear, consider these.

If you want a bigger context for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

CODE Model Coaching is ...

more like a process of midwifery for the soul...

recognizing that we instinctively know

how to give birth to our own potential.

Need a Guide?

Reach out for help if you need it/want it.  We know these journeys well from having lived them.

We can help you find what will best serve your current interests.

Certified CODE Model Coaches™ often bring a variety of skills (Reiki, Huna, NLP, hypnosis, bioenergetics, yoga, etc.) expressed through the life-altering WEL-Systems® framework for accelerated evolution, to expand their lives and the lives of those with whom they engage.

In that breath - in that single moment - transformation is yours for the taking!

Jennifer Hatt

Jennifer is a professional writer, author, consultant and CODE Model Coach™ connecting personal evolution to the writing experience.

In short, she loves co-creating with words: corporate or literary, book or conversation, she has varied experience and an insatiable curiosity about the explorations of others and how she can help.

Stela Murrizi

As the Guardian of the Vision of the WEL-Systems® Institute, Stela facilitates provocative, compelling and engaging experiences for women who are ready to explore the impact of accelerated Evolution By Intention™ on the quality of their own lives.

Along with the coaching and educational conversations, Stela offers a variety of targeted and effective resources - online and easily accessible - that leave you inspired to live an authentic and meaningful life! To explore what is available, please visit the resources page on her website.

Sheila Winter Wallace

Sheila is a WEL-Systems® Master Educator and CODE Model Coach™ with one aim: to empower women to slow down and fully embody their deep inner wisdom.

With an extensive background in the healing arts, Sheila facilitates the safety essential to healing, allowing science and the sacred to transform your experience of your body, your life and your inner peace. Self Discovery finds traction in one-to-one and/or small group intensives for women.

Move into the next layer of your own evolution.

Deepen your discovery by exploring upcoming events, programs, and interesting blogs to support you in your continuing journey.

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