Come to the edge ...

he said.
They said, "We are afraid".
"Come to the edge", he said.
They came. He pushed them ...
And they flew.


Powerful and Compelling

What is WEL-Systems®?

The WEL-Systems® approach has 3 essential components:

  • The WEL-Systems body of knowledge
  •  CODE Model Coaching™
  •  Quantum TLC™

The WEL-Systems® approach offers a proven pathway to access a context for change that will profoundly alter the way you see your 'self', your world and the way you move through that world.

All meaning is context dependent.
The body never lies.
The body is a perceptual filter designed to receive, process, create and transmit signals.  The intellect is intended to allow us to choose, once this processing is complete.
All learning, all behaviour, all change is driven by and reflected in the body as the instrument of expression.
Every response (impulse) in the body is an intelligent response. Beyond our judgements and habits, genius is to be found.
Change requires Space (Intention), Movement (Attention) and Flow (Invitation).
There are no accidents in the universe.  Everything is unfolding as it should.

There are no exceptions.

Human beings are living expressions
of the godforce in flow through tissue, expressing in a physical universe.

The WEL-Systems® approach recognizes the inherent power of the individual and makes it possible for our clients to access that inner power, as required. Without this awareness, the only alternative is to look outside yourself for solutions to problems that live inside you. The WEL-Systems approach allows you to live your life shaping your world rather than being a victim to ‘reality' or investing your life in fighting against it.

A WEL-Systems CODE Model Coaching™ experience will transform your life! A WEL-Systems experiential intensive; or WEL-Systems books and/or audio materials, will lay out the map to a new context for ‘being' that will allow you to transform your own life. Sustainability does not lie in having the right guide - it lies in knowing intimately the path that takes us home.

The WEL-Systems® approach is a startlingly powerful and compelling invitation to become a living expression of the transformation that many desperately seek. Field-tested for more than 25 years; and abundant in the evidence of its impact and outcomes, this proven body of knowledge consists of a series of stepping stones (the WEL-Systems models) that make it easy, safe and inviting for you to follow the path to the gateway of the paradigm shift so many desperately seek. Once at that gateway, the choice is yours to make the leap into a more powerful way of being your Self.

The WEL-Systems body of knowledge offers complex and powerful discoveries through simple and easily-understood images and language so that you can have the experience of transformation within yourself. Move beyond philosophical discussions and esoteric explorations and discover - in the tissue of your being - what it is to 'know' your Self!

Drawing from a number of disciplines and perspectives, culminating in original and cutting-edge conclusions, this collection of information - chunked and sequenced intentionally to safely accelerate our journey of personal discovery - allows us to begin to perceive our world, ourselves and our experiences in this world in a unique and distinctive way.

Bridging the gap between the scientific and the spiritual, the physical and the metaphysical, the WEL-Systems information creates a perceptual filter - a lens - through which we can see what has always remained hidden; and allows us to pull back the veil that we might know and touch all that we are capable of becoming.

Bringing together what has often been held separate and frequently been in competition, we no longer experience polarities but an accessible continuum along which to move to engage a new reality. That which was once held as separate - body and mind, conscious and unconscious, logical and intuitive - are reclaimed in their wholeness and experienced as one flow. The journey through this material creates a new perceptual filter, or window on our world, that allows us not only to see things differently but to see through new eyes.

A Way of Life

A WEL-Systems® approach to living is also a way of engaging the world. Becoming living expressions of the new discoveries that become available to us, our approach to our world and how we choose to step into it or not, allows us to recognize that we are shaping our experience at every turn. The ideas of expanded awareness and mindful living move beyond philosophy and principle and become evidenced in our behaviours, moment to moment, as we move through our lives and shape our experiences. You are invited to explore Ways to Engage  to determine if a particular approach calls to you.

The WEL-Systems body of knowledge has very specific parts/elements/models that come together to create a platform on which to stand and reconsider 'reality'. They are as follows:

Together, this information and the accompanying experiential processes open our minds and expand our awareness to allow us to make distinctions where none existed before. We become able not only to recognize who we are capable of becoming (our potential) but to engage and shape our lives, from one day to the next. The WEL-Systems experience is an invitation to awaken your authentic Self.

The WEL-Systems approach has 3 essential components:

The WEL-Systems body of knowledge {Work Environments as Living Systems} - (as laid out in Louise’s first two books - Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth and Phoenix Rising: The Freeing of Human Potential - and the timeless audio program of Pathways to Personal Power)  offers tried-and-true, simple and powerful models that become the stepping stones along a pathway to being in charge of your own life.  With these, you have what it takes to do it for yourself and to share the possibility with the people you care about. Without these, you are destined to be swept away in the content of your stories and the seduction of understanding, trapped at lower levels of thinking about yourself, your world and your ability to move through that world. With these models, you discover how to raise your eyes and look up to your potential and redefine how it becomes the living flesh and not just a yearning to know the ‘more’ that calls from somewhere deep inside your being.

CODE Model Coaching™ {Creation Out of Deep Energy} - (as a living expression of The CODE Model™) becomes the invitation for leadership of a very different and far more powerful kind! Far beyond solving a problem or 'fixing' a life, CODE Model Coaching is a living - and replicable - model of how else we can live. Those who know and live the first two parts (know their own path and choose to live that experience) also know that personal evolution for its own sake is the key to engaging effectively with others as they seek their own evolution; and that there is no greater adventure of accelerated personal evolution than to engage with others in the chaos of shared discovery.

Quantum TLC™ {Triggering Life Choices} – the life-altering experience that accelerates evolution by allowing the body to do what it is designed to do – and all we have to do is get out of the way.

Together, these combine to create a powerful and sustainable context/process for living that allows us to grow, expand and engage our own evolution our own way and in our own time - as a way of life!

Gone is the need for a master/guru/teacher/guide. Internal referencing connected to the Signal from Self becomes the inner guide that allows us to create the life/world we desire. We begin to move away from limiting our thoughts and our potential to that of a mechanistic device (the body as machine) to recognizing that we are the Signal of Self in flow through the brilliant, organic quantum biological device of the body; boundless in our ability to learn, grow and evolve - with the potential to match.

(Still curious about "what it is" and looking for more? Take a moment and explore Louise's blog entry: WEL-Systems: Discovering what it is by eliminating what it's not! )

We invite you to read our declaration of Evolution by Intention to become familiar with and engage the higher levels of thinking that shape what we are manifesting.

If WEL-Systems® is a gateway to a new paradigm, what’s the old one?  To create this new reality, we recognize that we must invite others to reconsider who we are as human beings; to move toward redefining our humanity and its expression through the magnificent quantum biological humans that we are; and to move away from the long-held, historical and incomplete expression of ourselves through a Newtonian, allopathic model of our humanity. We are stepping into a variety of ways to do this.

For more information, there is an extensive variety of books and audio materials available for you to explore.

Move into the next layer of your own evolution.

Deepen your discovery by exploring upcoming events, programs, and interesting blogs to support you in your continuing journey.

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Keys to a Bigger Life


Follow the impulse.

Let yourself know the truth of your own experience. 

Stay in the tough conversations - with yourself and others.

Be willing to stand alone. 

Shape or be shaped by your world.

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